fifteen ➶ raining and draining

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Chapter fifteen: raining and draining

"Can anyone explain the importance of the Harlem Renaissance in the modern era?" Mrs. Meory asked as she expectantly looked around the room waiting for some brave soul to answer her question.

Just as she was about to call on someone the door slammed open and in cane Adam.

"Mr. Allioni, Mind explains why you are in my class?" She asked, talking her high heel clad shoe on the linoleum floor.

He shrugged and walked to the front of the class before turning to the majority of the class and gave me a wide smile. "May is coming with me, will you excuse us."

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish before Adam walked up to me and took my arm in his and dragged me out of the classroom. The door closed and Adam bolted down the corridor in a sprint leaving me alone in the hallway.

I refused to run.

He came back, jogging backwards and yelled. "Come on Sunshine, it's raining!"

I was confused as I wondered why he was fascinating by the transpiration and condensation of water in the atmosphere, it wasn't that big of a deal.

When I reached him he tugged me out of the side doors of the school, near the football field and into the ran. Throwing my arms up I squealed as the cold water hit my back and trickled down my clothing.

"Why the hell am I standing in the rain during seventh hour when I should be in English class?" I yelled over the noise of the rain.

Adam twisted around, his once white school t-shirt now soaked through and was now see-through. His hair matted down and he had the biggest grin on his face, like a kid in a candy shop.

He threw his hands up in the air and ran over to me. "You said you've always wanted to dance in the rain! Now is your chance!"

I laughed, he was right. It was on my bucket list.

My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard and I started to dance and twirl in the rain, embracing the rain that trickled down my face and dropped from my eyelashes.

Adam grabbed my extended arm and I fell into his arms as we both stared to sway back and forth, Adam throwing the random spin in their for a flashy effect as we danced in the rain.

I was right, this was most definitely the funnest thing I have ever done.

"Hey Adam?" I asked.

"Yea Sunshine?" He asked, pulling me even closer to him so that our bodies ran up and down the length of the other.

There was nothing left to the imagination.

"Why do you try so hard?"

His face fell but he recovered fast and shrugged. "I lost someone once and I don't want your family, or yourself to ever go through that. Fight, May, you have got to fight for your life no matter what. The pain you can leave your family in—no matter how terrible they are to you—is heart breaking for everyone. Promise me you'll kick Leukemias ass? Promise."

I don't know if it was a rain drop or a tear but I felt suddenly emotional in the perusing done rain in the middle of Indiana with a boy I liked.

"I promise."

"Good, otherwise I'd regret doing this,"


He slammed his lips down onto mine and my comment was muffled as our mouths molded to one another. It took me only a minute to regain my thoughts and balance before I pushed up onto my tippy toes and kissed him back.

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