50. Abandoned Mansion

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To the way of my office, there is an abandoned mansion which is to be dismantled soon. There is a lot of suicide case from that building. It is said you can see the ghost of those who jumped off from that building.

There are not much lampposts nearby and its dark and creepy.

That day, I had to remain late in the office and it was around 2, 3am at night when I was returning home. When I took a quick glance at the building, I thought I saw a shadow of a person at the top.


I felt like my heart was going to stop. I looked up again, I could still see the shadow, it was there.

Is it... a spirit or ghost...? Just when I was thinking, that person jumped down. I heard the sound of body crashing into the hard concrete ground and saw the woman laying there. I quickly made a call for an ambulance and went near her.

She was colored in her own blood and her legs were twisted in wrong directions. She was definitely not a ghost but that was a scary sight.

May be it was because of the sound, people from mansion was looking out towards us from their verandas.

Ambulance came by not too late and she was carried away but because of what I had seen in front of my eyes, it was too difficult to fall asleep that day.

Next day when I checked, she was severely injured but her life was not under threat it seems. I felt relieved for her.

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