Johnny Orlando and Jacob Sartorius: Friends Turned More/Kidnapped(Complete) by TREntertainment
Johnny Orlando and Jacob Sartorius...by TR Entertainment
SEQUEL OUT NOW "I couldn't move, all I could do is watch as the man pointed the gun at him. I thought about what we had, Jacob and I. That's when he pulled the trig...
  • gay
  • jacobsartoriuslovestory
  • kenzie
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Creepypastas&Urban Legends  by ahsx01
Creepypastas&Urban Legends by Elisha
(READ DESCRIPTION) Various horror stories (mainly creepy pastas and urban legends). Good luck sleeping... I did not write any of these stories nor claim any of them, all...
  • creepypasta
  • terrifyingstory
  • teen
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Short Horror Stories by Emerlyn_11
Short Horror Storiesby Emily ^-^
Short horror stories (Some of the stories aren't mine 🙂)
  • shortstory
  • horror
  • shortstories
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Short Horror Stories ☇ bwingsuu by bwingsuu
Short Horror Stories ☇ bwingsuuby ˗ ˏˋ ˡᵃˡᵃ ˎˊ˗
Highest Ranking #4 -Warning- MOST OF THIS STORIES ARE FROM THE INTERNET AND OTHER AUTHORS. If you want to get scared, Read this book. It contains all types of horror st...
  • pasta
  • horror
  • horrorstory
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Kisah Si Makhluk 2 by yxqksxt
Kisah Si Makhluk 2by yxqksxt
Buku kedua Kisah Si Makhluk! #Koleksi cerita seram Sebab rasa macam waste je story banyak2 aku putuskan untuk bercollaboration. Enjoy, Check out! 👇👇 Kisah Si Makhluk...
  • ghost
  • justhorror
  • kisahsimakhluk
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The Hunt (GirlxGirl) by beautyneverfades
The Hunt (GirlxGirl)by Destiny Waters
What if popularity, money and girls aren't enough?
  • girlongirl
  • random
  • serialkiller
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Short Scary Stories by gingygirl99
Short Scary Storiesby Brynn
hi everyone! Highest Ranking ~ #1 in horror:) 12-7-16☆
  • killing
  • horrorstory
  • paranormal
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Horror Text stories (Medium level) by creepychimmy
Horror Text stories (Medium level)by My backup :)
#1 in chills 7/6//18 #1 in horror story 7/8//18 #2 in scariest 7/6//18 #3 in creepystories 7/7//18 #4 in boo 7/7//18 #5 in goosebumps 7/6//18 (Highest rank: #37 in Messa...
  • thriller
  • goosebumps
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Short Horror Stories  by sav1410
Short Horror Stories by Savannah G.
  • horror
  • twosentencehorrorstory
  • scary
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American Horror Story One-Shots  by msisabellapaulson
American Horror Story One-Shots by Izzy Paulson
Just some shorts I take requests I will do literally anything.
  • ladygaga
  • lanabanana
  • americanhorrorstory
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Zombie Apocalypse                                                 •Taekook FF• by teitei_twt
Zombie Apocalypse...by TéiTéi💎
•No one thought that a seemingly harmless College party could turn into the end of the world...• 🚨BTS HORROR STORY🚨 Contains: -BTS ships •Taekook...
  • fantasy
  • horror
  • fancic
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Hachishakusama ( Eight Feet Tall ) by Misty-Blackheart
Hachishakusama ( Eight Feet Tall )by Misty Blackheart3012
Eight Feet Tall or "Hachishakusama" is a Japanese urban legend about a tall woman who abducts children. She is 8 ft tall, wears a long white dress and makes a...
  • japaneseurbanlegend
  • scary
  • hachishakusam
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The Yeeting Hairline by INotSleep
The Yeeting Hairlineby INotSleep
Short stories wrote by many amazing people about a young girl's receding hairline.
  • hightopshoes
  • jojobow
  • hairline
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The Idol by ___trinity___
The Idolby Hey gamers😎
Be careful who you idolize....
  • bias
  • thriller
  • idol
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Lollipop Gangsters by Lollipop_Gangsters
Lollipop Gangstersby Lollipop_Gangsters
Lollipop Gangsters is a dark, sad, twisted, action, love story, with detailed gruesome killing. Witches are females who possess their own unique magics with some Witches...
  • witch
  • jokebook
  • music
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Fly  by ClabioCanWrite
Fly by Caleb
The Lives Of Two Young Teenagers, Rachel And Caleb, Are Turned Completely Upsidedown When They Stumble Upon An Abandoned House Whilst On Holiday...
  • mysterious
  • demon
  • paranormal
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Lust a short story  by catswithtophatss
Lust a short story by Bye
Lust a strong desire for something most common for sexual attraction
  • warriors
  • warriorcats
  • warrior
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Kidnapped by Angi2388
Kidnappedby Angi2388
Logan, ein schüchterner 16-jähriger, der ein unscheinbares Leben führt. Er legt viel Wert auf seine Familie, liest und schreibt unwahrscheinlich gern. Er ist mit seinem...
  • slave
  • verkauft
  • entführt
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The Unforgettable Time by ahanajey
The Unforgettable Timeby Ahana
"I close my eyes trying to find a light switch. I then look down....and......wait for it......" Read the story as to what happens next
  • horrorstory
  • fiction
  • completed
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the pink house on the hill by elise-natasha
the pink house on the hillby elise-natasha
a poem that makes absolutely no sense. unless you figure out or decide the true meaning. photo on cover goes to rightful owner
  • horror
  • hauntedhouse
  • poem
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