14. Nana-chan from the mirror world

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I was a little boy when we used visited our grandparents for a long time. I had no cousin or anyone my age there so that I could hang around at the time. I had a little brother but he was few months old and so I used to play alone in a room with whatever stuff I could find.

One day, I found a hand mirror which was quite old and even had some rust at some part. I was looking into the mirror when I saw a girl my age, standing beside me. I looked back but there was no one. I looked back into the mirror and she was still there. As a kid, I wasn't freaked out of her at all.

I then started talking to her and we became friends. I called her Nana-chan and she called me Takkun, short of Takuya. My parents gave horrified look when they saw me talking with the mirror as they couldn't see Nana-chan. But they never took the mirror away from me.

One day, Nana-chan said, "come in my world, we will play together," she said. "But how do I come there?" I asked her. "Um... I don't know. Wait, let me ask," she said and vanished. I was curious, whom she was going to ask but I didn't ask that.

Later, she came back with a smile, "now I know how can you come here," she said excitedly. "Okay, I will ask my parents," I said because I was taught to tell the parents before wherever I go. But she frowned, "no, it is a secret. You can't tell anyone," she said.

"Um... okay then I will come tomorrow," I said.



She pointed her pinky towards the mirror so did I. But later, I thought of it very deeply. How will I go there? If I go there, will I be able to come back?

These questions made me very nervous and scared. Since that day, I didn't touch the mirror and I stopped meeting with Nana-chan.

Many years passed by and the memory of Nana-chan was in far corner of my mind.

I got married to a beautiful woman and soon, she was pregnant. She wanted to go back to her parents at the last week of her pregnancy so I stayed alone at the apartment. The holiday had started and my office was on leave so I decided to go to my grandparents' house as the apartment was very lonely.

As I was washing my hand in basin after coming from washroom, I saw the door in the reflection slightly open. Weird, I remember closing the door? I thought and looked back but the door was completely closed. When I looked into the mirror again, the door was more open.

I looked back, the door was perfectly closed. I looked back into the reflection, and saw the door opening more. When it was more open, a white light was formed. And then it formed into a girl and I remembered that was Nana-chan.

After that I don't remember what happened with me but I found myself lying in the bed.

I was too horrified so decided to go back to the apartment.

When I got into the car and was about to insert the key, I saw a Nana-chan sitting behind. When I looked back, she was obviously not there. I looked back into the mirror and she smiled.

"Why didn't you come to play with me? I was waiting for you," she said.

"I had to go,"

"You can come with me now," she said and longed her hand to my shoulder in the reflection.

"No, I can't come to play with you. I'm grown up now. I have a wife, and I have soon to be child," I told her.

She was sad but soon flashed a smile. "Okay then, I will play with him," she said and vanished.

Few days later, my wife called me and told me that she had miscarriage.

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