32. Googling Myself

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I used to have a weird habit of googling my full name and searching if there was another person with the same name. May be some of you have done at least once too.

I found many people with the same full name but they all were totally different kind of people. Some were scientist, some were businesswoman, and many more.

I found a homepage made by a person with same name as mine. It looked like homepage made by someone who had made it for the first time. I looked through her hobbies and interest and it was quite similar with mine, even including her age so I took interest in this page.

I saw comments and feedback on the page and it seems there were 5 to 6 people that visit her page often. I too started visiting this page constantly.

Few days later, there were more contents on the page. It was like a diary but most of it was about the baseball match, weather and all.

One day, I realized that her life was quite similar with mine. I realized it when she wrote that she went to watch the same baseball match in the stadium as I went to. I thought it was just a coincidence. But another time, she said she did a terrible mistake in her office and the same day, I had done something terrible in my office too.

Next day, and again next day, I realized that it was as though she was writing down about my life. Most of it would be like "I ate pasta today" or "I bought a new CD today" which could be coincidences but when everything coincide with my life, it was creepy.

One day, I saw that she had said it was her birthday and that day was my birthday too.

At this point, I was too creeped out so I decided to comment on her page.

But when I tried to, I just couldn't type anything where I am supposed to type my name and the comment. I felt weird and went through the page properly, I came to know that comments box was fake and every comments that had on this page was by the creator herself.

"Why would anyone do such thing...?" I got scared and curios, so decided to email the creator of the page.

"Hello. I'm someone having same name as yours and... (so on)"

I sent the email with all the necessary content and next day when I visited the site, there was no such site at all and there was an email that I had received from the person that said,

"I found you"

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