2. Tiffin

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There was a high school girl Ayami who dated Takuya and they loved each other very much. One day, suddenly Ayami went missing. Takuya tried his best to find her out and even police force had tried to find her but she was never found and there was not even any clue.

There was girl, Misa, from the same high school who helped Takuya in every aspects and she was like a best friend to him.

One day, she came to him when he was sad about his missing girlfriend and offered him her tiffin. "Don't be so sad," she said and opened the tiffin for him.

She cut a piece of burger patty and offered him. He took the offer and ate it. It tasted good but it was somehow hard and weird.

"I made this specially for you. How is it?" she asked.

"Good, but what is it?"

"This is something you really love,"

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