22. Who am I?

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Few days back, I was sitting and having conversation with mom and I asked out of nowhere if she had any ghostly experience.

"Not really but there was a really weird happening," she said and told me about this. I couldn't have guessed that it was about myself.

I am youngest girl among my siblings after two older brothers.

As a child, I was always a cry baby. I would cry for any small incidents like when my brothers tease me, when I don't get enough sweets, when I don't get the stuff that I want in supermarkets.

So my family didn't bother much when I started to cry.

One day, my elder brothers was sitting in front of TV, playing video games and I was in my room playing alone. Regularly, I would cry out loud for my brothers not letting me play with them so it was strange.

My mother said, "you're not crying today," and I had replied, "yeah I exchanged because she cries a lot,"

And since that day, I never cried for any unnecessary reasons.

Now that I remember, I don't have any single memory before enrolling in Elementary School. All I know about my childhood is either told by my brothers or mother.

If I replaced someone, where is that girl now? And most importantly, who am I?

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