41. Sleeping Paralysis

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This is actual story that happened to me (the Wattpad author) this morning (2nd August, 2017).

I have a diary where I note down my dreams and I noted today's dream too so this is what I exactly wrote on the diary:

More it felt like reality than a dream.

As any other off day, I was sleeping till late in the morning. While sleeping, I felt some weird fabric and grabbed it not knowing what it was. Soon, it was snatched away. Weird, I thought. I also felt some warm breathe on my face. I opened my eyes and saw someone. Or should I say, something because that was not human. It looked like a body formed by a shadow. I instantly closed my eyes. I wanted to move but I couldn't.

For a while, I couldn't even open my mouth. A little later, I was able to speak but still couldn't move an inch. "Papa!" I shouted as loud as I could for so many times. No one heard me but I heard them. Dad and my little sister were chattering and giggling about breakfast but they never heard me. I didn't call for mom because she went to Biratnagar (a place in Nepal) yesterday so she was not there. When dad didn't hear me calling, I thought to call grandma. But when I tried to say Dadi (means grandma), no words came out. That's when I realized I couldn't say anything other than the sound "pa". My voice went dry after shouting so much so I just laid there helpless. I wanted to open my eyes and check if it was still there but I couldn't open my eyes anymore. I wanted to wake up from what seems like nightmare but it felt so real, felt like I was trapped.

It was when my sister entered the room, I was finally able to move and open my eyes. It was exactly 10:30 AM when I checked the time. It is 12:00 PM right now and I can still feel my body aching in weird way.

I hope that was just a dream.

I wrote this in diary so grammar and all doesn't matter really.

And I told my friend about this and she suggested to google about sleeping paralysis and when I did, I was so freaking shocked...

And I told my friend about this and she suggested to google about sleeping paralysis and when I did, I was so freaking shocked

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You see the picture?

That looks exactly like what I saw in my dream.

Now I wonder... Was that really just a dream...?

Have you ever experienced sleeping paralysis? If so tell your stories!

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