36. The Hands

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I heard this story from my classmate, Inoue.

For the City Swimming Tournament, our high school used to use the famous pond in Akagiyama (or Mount Akagi) in Gunma Prefecture for jumping practice.

In the practice, they used to first line in ascending order of the class. And then from the corner, they would start jumping into the pond and the teacher who associate with them take continuous picture and make it like a motion picture later.

One day when they were performing, Inoue's senior who was supposed to jump at the last, didn't come back to the surface after jumping for quite long time.

When everyone started to worry and search for him, he came back up like nothing happened. When people questioned him as to what took him so long to come back up, he said he didn't know what they were talking about.

Later when teacher made the motion picture, everyone saw it.

While the senior guy was jumping, there were hands coming out of the lake to receive the guy and as he hit the water surface, the hands wrapped him as though it blended with his body and took him inside.

Since that incident, Inoue said that his senior was never able to swim again.

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