21. I Will Take it Back

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I heard this story from my friend.

That day three guys including my friend went for drive. They didn't really have any specific place to go so decided to just go to a ghostly spot. They decided to go to an abandoned hospital which was near.

When they arrived the hospital, it looked very haunted and creepy. My friend didn't want to go in there but he didn't want to be called chicken so decided to explore in.

The abandoned hospital looked like as if it was being used as all the stuffs were placed like it has to be. Seems like no one cleaned up the place before it was abandoned. My friend told me that he felt nauseating looking at it.

Nurse station, bed rooms, reception, they went around every place but seemed as though nothing was going to happen there. When they went to check up room, there was nothing either except for injection syringe laying here and there.

One of his friend took one syringe as for memorandum.

They decided to head back to one of their place after being bored by the place when nothing happened.

One friend of his got a call from unknown number. He took the call but instantly cut it.

"Who was it?" my friend asked him.

"It was from ○○○ Hospital. I don't know any hospital by that name. Must be wrong number," he said casually.

"Isn't that the hospital we went an hour ago?" another friend of his said.

"That isn't possible," he said.

Few moments of silence and the guy got the call again from the number. When he took the call, it said, "I'm from ○○○ Hospital. You are the one who took the syringe from the hospital, right?"

The guy said, "I don't know anything about it,"

"No, I know that you have taken the syringe. It is very necessary. Will you give it back?"

"I really don't know anything!"

"I have no choice then. I will come to take it back,"

He got creeped out so he admitted, "I'm sorry I will come to return it back," he said and all three of them went there again to give the syringe back. And they returned back without any harm.

If you're interested to go to any haunted place, make sure you don't take anything from there.

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