49. Sleeping Portrait

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That day, I was on duty of cleaning the art room. I was in hurry to finish up the duty and return fast when I noticed a portrait of a beautiful woman. It looked like the portrait was really valuable.

It was very beautiful and eye catching but her stare gave me goosebumps for some reason. Her large eyes seemed like she could kill someone with her glare. I felt a bit creepy and left the art room.

Next day, there was huge commotion going on. It seems the portrait was stolen from the art room. The teacher asked me questions as I was the last one to leave the art room.

"So it was still there when you were cleaning the room," he said after confirming it.

"Yes, it was definitely there. Was that a valuable painting?"

"Yes, it has title 'beauty in slumber'. A friend of mine drew it looking at her daughter sleeping. It is not much of a valuable one to be in museum or something. And the artist and that model is already diseased," he informed.

"I see,"

That picture was never found again. Weirdly, there was not a single trace of a thief.

*I was trying to translate the name of the painting and the first thing that came to my mind was 'sleeping beauty' but that wouldn't make sense as the Japanese title was not same as that of Disney movie, so I came up with 'beauty in slumber', still sounds a bit weird but hope you don't mind.

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