26. 100 floor (Q)

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It was ending of the year 1999. There was 5 university students who visited Singapore together.

And as for their luck, they got to stay on the upper most floor of a 100 floor hotel. They checked in in the hotel on the last day of the year and they kept their stuffs in the hotel room and decided to have some fun.

As they went through lobby, the receptionist told them, "tonight, as it is turning to year 2000, it might bring bad luck so we are going to cut off lights at night so please be back on time," (something related with mythology, I don't know)

But they were too busy having fun later that they forgot the warning of the receptionist and they reached the hotel after mid night.

Front was all dark out and elevator was not working. And in middle of the winter, they couldn't think of sleeping in there as they would just freeze in the cold.

They had no other option so decided to use the stairs.

20th floor... 30th floor... 40th floor... and they were too tired to move as they reached 50th floor.

"Hey, if we go like this, our legs will stop working at some point. Lets tell scary story on each floor turn by turn so it will somehow distract from our pain,"

Each told a scary story as they got to another floor turn by turn. Somehow they managed to reach 99th floor. The guy who was going to say the last story, started, "listen carefully all of you, this story is going to be the most horrifying one among all," he said with some scary impact on his voice to his 3 friends who gulped as they listened.

And then he said,

"I forgot the key on the first floor,"

So can you guess what is the scary part of this story...?

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