31. Time Lapse

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It was very hot day during summer. I used to go to the high school by my bicycle, taking 40 minutes to reach. Classes got over at 9 O' clock at night and I used to take extra curricular activity so it used to be 10:30 when I left the school.

That day, one of my friend invited over at his place for dinner. I agreed and went to his home. By the time at 11 at night, I finished dinner and peddled my bicycle for home and I was already feeling very weird about the surrounding but I didn't understand what was that.

While going back home, suddenly I felt like fainting so rested the bicycle at the side of a bench in a park and sat there for 10 minutes. I started to feel better so I mounted on the bicycle again and peddled all the way back home.

While riding, I saw my own reflection on one of the windows in a shop and I still felt weird. I still couldn't figure out what was that feeling all about. I just felt uncomfortable but I didn't know why. Again there was another shop and I saw my reflection again. This time, it was not only me on the bicycle.

On the back of my seat, there was an old hag sitting with her hands on my waist. But when I looked down, there was no hand at all. I looked back and saw no one at all. I saw the glass again and I could see the old hag with white hair still there with both her hands around my waist.

I peddled as fast as I could and rushed back home.

As soon as I reached, my mom came to the door step and started to shout, "what time do you think it is? It's already past 3 am and is this the time you're suppose to come home?"

When I sat on the park, I felt like it was just 10 minutes. Did I really spent so much time on the park? And what was that old hag had to do with me...?

I never knew.

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