35. My Sister Who Couldn't *Joubutsu

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*Joubutsu* - I don't know the exact English word for this word, but it means like after you die, if the soul gets peace and never roam on Earth again, it means the soul did Joubutsu. According to Google translate, it means to enter nirvana or to go to heaven. Since I don't know the exact English word, I will use this word.

It was when I was in my middle school. I had taken art club at that time. I was quite good at my work and so I was close to my art teacher. We used to have little conversations every now and then. When I got to know that she is someone who can feel the spirits, I asked her if she experienced something paranormal in her life.

She said she used to feel and see lots of spirits who couldn't Joubutsu and left on Earth.

But there was a ghost girl she cant forget about it, she said. It had been 6 years since it had been in her house. She didn't bother much when she first saw that ghost because it had been her habit seeing spirits and all.

It was a girl in one piece dress who is about middle schooler, standing on the corner of her corridor, face facing the ground.

But she kept on seeing that girl everyday on the any corner of her house and she got creepy vibes from that ghost so she decided to talk about her to her mother.

"That girl must be the daughter of the builder of this house. She died while this house was on under construction and that place was where she had been few minutes ago before she died," that's what her mother explained to her.

And she said that the ghost girl had been in her house every day since then. She tried to contact the builder but they couldn't get a contact with that builder.

I felt like my heart stopped beating at her story.

That ghost girl she is talking about must be my elder sister who died 6 years ago in the similar accident. And my dad was a builder who suicide 5 years back.

What really shocked me was all these years my sister never Joubutsu and she was still there in the place where she died and I never knew about it. I felt like it was partially my fault that I didn't think about her at all so I decided I should go and take her or free her.

I told my teacher the truth and the very next day I went to her house. My mother was also about to come but she got some urgent work so it was only me.

When I reached at her house, the teacher warmly welcomed me in. She led me to the room where she frequently saw the ghost girl. The room hat not much light source even during the day as it was opposite from where the sun rays could enter so it was quite dark and damp.

She stayed here alone for so long and I didn't even care about it earlier. I felt sorry for her. I felt myself being angry at myself.

Teacher left me in the room as to give some privacy.

"I'm sorry I left you alone in this place for so long. I'm sorry I didn't even realize what you must have gone through all these time. I came here to take you back. You are no more alone. Lets go home, together," I said into the empty room hoping she was there, listening to me.

I started weeping at the end of my speech. Is she hearing me? I wondered.

What she might be thinking about me?

She was very kind to me and does she think I betrayed her?

I was weeping for a while when suddenly I felt someone gently tapping my shoulder.

When I turned back, I came face to face with a girl with hideous face, standing behind me.

She smiled ear to ear, "are you here to take me with you?"

More than that girl always being behind me, I'm worried if my real sister did Joubutsu at all...

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