25. Guy in Disguise + answer

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Answer : If the breaker went down, how was the TV working...? And do you remember what did she see on TV?

I came back to my mansion after getting exhausted from work. I lived in upper floor so I took elevator as always and saw a guy already in there so I rushed in quickly.

The man was wearing a cap really deep so his face was not visible. 'So uncomfortable,' I thought as I saw him. But I greeted him anyway. He didn't say anything and was just standing there silently.

At one of the floors, he got down and while he went out of elevator, his shoulder bumped on mine. I felt very annoyed but apologized him even though it wasn't my fault.

He still didn't say anything and just walked away while hiding his face.

I returned to my room and as I calmed myself from anxiety after meeting the weird, rude person on elevator, I glanced at my shoulder where he bumped and found large spot of blood around there. "Ew, what happened!?" I thought but I didn't gave much thought to it.

Few days later, my inter-call rang and I went to check up on who that was.

I looked through the peep glass on door and saw a cop standing there.

"Excuse me, there was a murder case few days back in this mansion. Have you seen any suspicious person around?" he asked from behind the door.

I thought about the rude person I met with on elevator but then my favorite TV show was going on so if I started about him, there would be long session of conversations and that would be too troublesome, I thought. So I just simply replied, "No, I haven't"

The cop thanked me and walked away.

The next day, I was watching news when a news about a murderer popped up on screen. The place was this mansion. The same date I met the weird guy on elevator.

"So there was actually a murder that day," I thought. It said that the murderer was caught. And it showed the picture of the murderer.

That was non other than the cop I saw through the peephole.

I translate stories from Japanese so there might be mistakes while translating phrases and all so it will be helpful if you point them out!

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