19. Cursed Doll

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The new mansion room I moved to, had a doll's head in one of the closets. The doll's hair was wild and bushy and for some odd reason plastic tape had been taped to its mouth and it had 3 needles poking out from its forehead. And except for that doll, there was a paper written "I'm sorry help me I'm sorry help me" all over.

I just thought that must be a prank from the people who used to live here before. After a week, I went to talk with the mansion owner with the doll's head and the paper. Just as for fun, I said that the doll's head roams around at night and it says that it would kill me. That poor owner got scared and called the people who used to live in the room before I did.

That was a senior university student and he apologized for it and said that he will take care of it. But then few days later when he had to go for *oharai, I had to go along with him as well. The person who did oharai told that the doll was cursed and what not. But I could say he was faking it because I knew it very well that doll didn't have any cursed power or whatsoever.

That person who does oharai even took ¥20,000 (Japanese currency equal to that of 174.31 USD) for oharai and taking the doll's head with him. The next day I decided to call him from phone booth just to tell him how fake he is.

But then, he told me this "Of course it wouldn't harm you. If it was someone else, they would get scared of it and run away to get help but you kept it for a week without any of that and the doll was scared of you. It told me that you would burn it down if it did anything to you,"

That actually startled me because once I had lit the lighter near the head and said, "if you do anything stupid, I will burn you right away."

*Oharai - it is like a process in Japan people do to get rid of curse and ghosts and that sort of stuff. They usually do it in Jinja, the Japanese temples. I think exorcism is the word.

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