48. Courage test with DQNs

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DQN - it is a term used for delinquents in Japanese it seems so I will just use it as it  is.

It was about 5 years ago, when I was a middle school student. My friend, Kento suggested to go to courage test in an abandoned hospital so we met up with other juniors making us 5 people and decided to go there together.

We bought a torch in nearby convenience store and went to the abandoned hospital at midnight. Most of the windows were broken down. We went in through one of the broken window. There were used, broken syringe, completely messed up sofa and furnitures and there were some cans, plastics and bottles scattered around.

As we went in, we felt some presence. We went further, there were other people. 3 guys and one girl. I don't remember their names so lets call them A - guy with huge body, B - tough looking guy with scary face, C - looked like he was used by them, D - the quiet girl DQN with cute fashion sense.

I was turning my torch light away from them when I saw there was something that looked like knife on B's waist. Shit, they are dangerous, we should walk away, I thought but Kento already went to talk with them. Kento was like a DQN himself so he seemed like he was used to with talking to such people.

The conversation went like this

K : hey! What are you doing?

A : Courage test. We are just hanging out here before going further

K : Really? Actually we are here for the same. This place is kinda creepy

A : Hmph, creepy? If you think this is creepy, you cant go for courage test. If you say, should we accompany you?

K : That sounds nice, lets go

Even though they seemed friendly, we were cursing Kento for talking with them.

So we were all walking together further into the hospital. One of my junior, Wataru came to me and said, "Shibata san (me), they do drugs!" Even though he was whispering, it was like a pin drop silence so I pulled him away to little farther from them. "Idiot! You're too loud!"

"Seriously, when we noticed them, they were inhaling something. They are really bad news,"

"Really? I didn't really notice that but I saw something like a knife with them. They really seem dangerous," I said.

But still, we didn't know how should we walk away from them. Kento was already being friendly with them so I couldn't tell anything about them to Kento while they were around. And even the other 2 guys from our group were walking near them so we didn't have any choice but to go with them.

I was about to catch up to them when I felt a presence at the back. When I turned back, it was D, the girl. Shit, did she hear us? I sent her an awkward smile and turned back front. I hurried to catch up with them.

They were in a room probably of gynecology. In one table, there was a black shirt and a blood stained towel. There was even pretty much amount of blood stain on the table.

A : Oh, that's my shirt! I knew it, I forgot it here when we came here last.

B : Idiot! You walked out first so I used it as towel

A : What! Hey, there's blood stain! You bastard!

They looked like they would start fighting any moment. Even Kento seemed uneasy at this moment. Just then, Wataru opened his mouth. "Um, what happened here?"

B : Yeah, we just raped a girl. I guess she was a virgin, right, A?

A : Yeah that was good! You wanted to do her too, isn't it, C?

C : Y-Yeah...

They said it like it was nothing. They are really dangerous. We need to go away. I thought but we didn't get the chance as A started,

A : By the way, we went through first floor well enough. Lets go to the second and third floor.

B : Yeah, lets fix members and go separately

That being said, they started dividing us in group without our concern.

We split into 3 groups at the end and I was with C and D. We were to go to the back door area in first floor itself. I was relieved, at least I'm not with A or B. But C looked like he was peon for A and B and D was too quiet, she didn't utter a single word. I didn't like hanging with them either.

We went around and at the end when we reached outside, I noticed D was gone. I looked for her but I couldn't find her so left her be and waited for the A's group and B's group to return. While waiting, I was looking around and noticed a mini van parked not far away. I saw D sitting in there. So she returned already.

Me : Is that your car?

C : Yeah, it's of A/B (I don't remember). Isn't that cool?

Me : Yeah, it sure is

I just wanted to go away already. About 5 more minutes passed and A's group and B's group returned back. B seemed he was really high. He randomly picked up pebbles from ground and threw it up and hooted loudly. Even A was being loud.

Kento : Thank you for coming with us. We will be going now

B : Are you all going? Okay then, this is your gift!

B said and picked up one pebble and threw at us. It didn't hit any of us but it hit the Kento's car's bumper. He would usually get angry but at this time, all of us just wanted to get away so we hurried in the car and left the place.

We talked about what we saw in first, second and third floor each. Nothing of that scary unnatural thing happened to anyone it seemed. Until...

Me : They both were so scary, how could that girl hang out with such guy who doesn't have any decency for girls. They were even talking about how they raped a girl. Well, she might not like them either, she came with us for the first floor group.

Wataru : What are you talking about? There was no girl

Kento : It was only you and C on the first floor

Even other guys were like. "Stop trying to scare us," "Such tricks wont scare us,"

Me : I was expecting you would be more scared

I just said and stopped speaking.

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