6. Atelier

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It was about 10 years back...

My sister had an apartment room for atelier. It was 2DK and was quite good but she didn't live there.

What a waste!

As I was grown up enough, I wanted to experience how a single life feels like, so I decided to live there and my sister had no problem with that as long as I would keep myself away from her stuff.

It was my first day and I was so excited about being alone in the entire apartment room. As I was too concerned as it was my first time, I locked the door, chain lock and even locked the windows even it was on the 4th floor.

After a while of having fun all myself, I went to sleep.

Few hours later, I heard some noise coming from the room my sister used for art purpose. I heard giggling and talking. 'Wow, my sister is such hard worker. She even works so hard in the middle of the night,' I thought and decided not to disturb her.

The other day, I decided to go out when I froze in terror, looking at the door.

Since that day, I never went there ever again.

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