43. In taxi with a woman

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My friend Endou was with a woman he got to know in his office. They were in a taxi at late night. When the taxi was going through a place without any people around, the woman dropped her lighter. But it seemed as though she didn't notice it.

Endou picked up the lighter for her. But when he did, she stopped the taxi. It was late night and the place seemed dangerous so Endou tried to convince her to at least stay till they reached the city, but she got down anyway and paid for her share and walked back to where they just came from.

How could the driver didn't even question about it? He thought. When he looked at the driver, the driver looked terrified. When he asked about it, this is what driver said.

"When you looked down, that woman had horrific expression and she was about to bite on to your neck but she noticed me looking through the back mirror and her expression was back to normal,"

They both were scared through the rest of the ride.

Later, it seems the woman is missing, no one knows her whereabouts.

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