10. Is this Maeno's residence?

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It was when I used to go to elementary school. I was at my room, doing my homework when suddenly I heard a knock on my window. When I opened, I saw a woman with pale skin and white dress standing there.

As I opened the window, she asked, "Is this Maeno's residence? Are you the son?" she asked.

Maeno was my father's surname before marriage and my father had decided to keep the surname as of mother's and we were not Maeno but we were Takada. I was too lazy to explain about that so I just replied with 'no' and she left.

Later I came to know that there was a girl who dad used to date but she committed suicide when he got married with mom. What would have happened if I said 'yes' at the time...? And most importantly, my room was on the second floor.

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