37. I wont let you go

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There is a famous spirit spot near where I live.

That was an abandoned house where it was said that a family was mass murdered there.

One day, I and two of my friends, Yosida and Takasugi decided to explore the place.

As we were not the brave type of guys, we decided to go there at evening. We were quite excited about the visit.

When we reached there even though I don't have any spirit sense, I could feel the creepiness coming out of that house. It was wooden constructed house which was quite much tattered all around.

"This house doesn't feel good..."

Even feeling that way, we decided to explore the house.

Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, we checked every place and the most creepy thing was that furniture and other household items were there as it must have been as though someone used them.

"Now lets go back,"

Once we saw every place in the house, we decided to go back. That's when I noticed Takasugi was nowhere to be seen.

Yosida : "He was here just few seconds ago, wasn't he?"

Me : "By the way, Takasugi hasn't talked anything since we came here. Did you notice that?"

Yosida : "He is such a chicken. I think he might went out before us."

We went out of the house but Takasugi was not there at all. I felt uneasy about it and we went back in again to search for Takasugi.

We called out for him loudly but he didn't respond.

Yosida called Takasugi's mobile.

Peep... peep... peep.....

We heard faint sound of Takasugi's ringtone.

When we went further, we noticed it was coming from a place we didn't know existed before. The room was in far corner.

We went there to check up and saw inside the room. Takasugi was sitting there, facing his back to us. We called his name but he didn't respond. We went in and heard him say something.

"...p me..." he said in barely audible voice.

"What? Stop joking and lets go!" Yosida said.

"What is he saying?" I said and leaned in to listen to him carefully.

"Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me..." he was repeatedly saying like a mantra.

Yosida : "Hey! Takasugi!!"

When we shook him by his shoulder, he started to cry and shiver violently.

We quickly supported him from both side and got out of the house.

While we were on our way back in the car, we asked what happened with him.

Here's what Takasugi had told us:

When we were roaming around, I saw it.

Just when we got out from the bathroom and when I turned back, it was there, looking at us. I thought you guys might panic so I decided to keep it to myself and ignore it. But it kept coming behind us all the time.

Also, it was on his all four, crawling on the ceiling like a spider.

And just when you said "Now lets go back," it came down just behind me and said "I wont let you go."

And when I noticed, I was in that room.

He was there, hanging from the ceiling and smiling ear to ear and was saying something.

And then you guys came.

I could feel chills run down my spine at his words and couldn't stop shivering.

Because when we went to rescue him, it was there on the ceiling at the time.

Yosida : "What was he saying?"

Takasugi : "He said, 'finally you came, now I wont let you go.'"

Yosida : "What did he look like?"

Takasugi : "Black hair that was completely messed up with brown skin and was wearing white *kimono"

*Kimono is a national Japanese wear for both women and men but it is bit different for men and women.

Me : "Why do you ask that? It is too creepy, lets stop it."

Yosida : "It was there. Just few minutes back, it was there."

As Yosida was driving the car, he saw it from back mirror, he said.

We were silent for the rest of the ride.

Even though we didn't go through any tragic incident, Takasugi developed a terrible phobia of ceiling and he is living with that phobia ever since that incident.

I never want to go to such place again.

Please don't go to such place with ambiguous feeling.

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