17. Sound of Rain

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If you are wondering, those are the apps I read scary stories from.

Three guys wanted to explore a haunted place and see what happens. One of them searched the net and found about a tunnel where something unnatural happens.

Those three drove to that place and went to the tunnel. By the time, it started to rain very heavily.

"I'm so excited!" one of them said and he drove into the tunnel and stopped the car.

They waited silently in the car in the hope to see something unnatural or scary. But then they saw nothing and heard nothing unusual except for the rain hitting the car.

Suddenly one guy at the back seat shouted. "Pull away and go back!" it was so sudden, two guys at front saw him with shock.

The guy in the driver seat saw his worried expression and decided to go to his house which was nearest among those three.

They reached home and settled down and the guy who was driving asked the scared one, "did you see something scary?"

"Didn't you guys hear that?" he said, still trembling.

"Hear what? I didn't hear anything except for the sound of rain hitting the car. It was too noise to hear anything else," the other guy said.

"Exactly. If we were in the tunnel, how come we heard the sound of rain?"

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