46. How many people?

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This is about my friend, Ueno.

It was about 10 years ago. Unlike other days, he stayed in the office till late night. After completing his work, he got into the last train. There was almost no one at all in the train. When he was in train, he fell asleep on the seat.

He saw a dream at the moment. In his dream, he was riding on train and there were two children talking to each other.

"How many people?"

"Hm, 7 will be fine,"

"Its totally 13,"

"Then lets do 9?"

Ueno felt like they were planning for a prank but didn't know what they were talking about. "Not a single person!" Ueno said without realizing it and opened his eyes, waking up from dream. Just then, train turned completely dark.

Power failure? He thought but he felt like train was running weird. It felt like he was riding bicycle in rocky way.

That was derailment. The train had slipped off its track to parking lot near the rail way and had stopped just before crashing into the building in front.

Thankfully, there was no death or any severely injured people due to the incident. Ueno got treatment with doctor and had to be part in investigation with police.

Later he found out that at that moment, including the train driver and all the passenger at the time, there were 13 people in total.

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