30. Help Me

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It was when I was elementary school kid.

"I'm home!" I called out as I reached home from school.

"Welcome back," I heard mom say from the second floor.

She might be doing something up there.

I was addicted to 8bit games at the time and as I returned, first place I went was the room with TV as always and quickly started setting up the game and started to play.

Almost 10 minutes had passed and I heard mom say from the another floor, "Hey, Kazuya, help me,"

I was too busy playing the game and I didn't want to go help immediately.

"Huh? I will go later," I replied halfheartedly as all my attention was in the game.

"Kazuya! Just come and help me or I will hide your game set!" she shouted from up.

I really hated when once my mom hid the game set for few days and I couldn't even find anywhere in the house so unwillingly I paused the game and went up.

"What do you need me for?"

"Uh, its just too heavy..." I heard her say from the farthest room in the second floor which was store room. Heavy? What is she doing?

Just before I reached that room, I heard a voice from downstairs with a loud thud of the main door.

"I'm home!" that was my mom's voice. Wait, what's going on?

"Come on, help me with groceries," the voice from down said.

There was another creaking noise that came from the farthest room from where I first heard the voice.

Unusually pale face of my mother showed up with unusually large pupil.

"Just a bit more," she said slowly. It sounded unhuman and more like a robot.

I instantly screamed and rushed down to my real mom and cried out. She was surprised by my sudden behavior.

That was the most unforgettable moment of my life.

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