24. TV (Q) + answer

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Answer: in the previous chapter, the friend has predicted that the guy will be in hospital again which means he is gonna do hit and run again as it was unsuccessful the previous time...

Did you all get it?

After a long tiring day I took bath and sat in front of TV, drying my hair at the same time. Just then a scary looking woman's face showed up on screen. Seems like some horror show is going on.

The color of the screen seems a bit weird but no wonder as I have bought the TV from recycle shop at cheap price.

Just when I plugged the drier, a loud CLICK, and electricity was down.

Agh, I think it was too much of voltage usage at the same time due to air conditioner and drier. I should go and check on the breaker if it is down.

Thankfully with the help of TV light, I went to check on breaker and I was right, breaker was down. I should be careful from next time.

This is another quiz again. Did you get what is the scary part of this story?

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