1. Incident with me

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Lets start this book with an incident that happened with me (the author of this wattpad story).

I was about 6 years old at the time. It was regular night time and I was in the tub, bathing. And opposite to the bathroom, there was kitchen and mom was working out for dinner so light was on and the bathroom had transparent door with mosaic in which only some light could pass but you cant see through. It was about time when dad would come back home from his work and few minutes later into bathing, I heard the door open.

And the main door was just beside the bathroom so if anyone went inside, people could see the shadow from the bathroom.

And I saw my dad's shadow, holding a bag and wearing a cap he always used to wear in winter. As a child, I was always excited to see dad coming back home so I shouted from the bathroom, "PAPA!"

and mom replied, "papa's not home yet," and I was confused. May be she didn't notice him coming back home. But how can that be possible? We had to pass the kitchen as to enter inside. May be she was just kidding.

Thinking that, after I was done bathing, I searched for dad but he was really not home.

I still wonder what that was, that I saw. This is the only real incident that has ever happened to me and there was nothing else strange happening beside this one so I think there not much I should worry about but I still wonder what that was.

It might be my illusion or might be something else...

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