38. Teke Teke

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As you must have read the chapter before, you know about what happened with my iPod so I can no longer upload any real stories I read on the apps that is posted by people so from now on, most of the stories I post will be from scaryforkids.com which is mostly urban legends of Japan.

Also, this website doesn't allow to copy and paste so if you find mistakes, it is most probably done by me while typing on Wattpad.



Teke-Teke is a scary Japanese urban legend about a girl who fell under a train and was cut in half. She took a long time to die and now her ghost roams through Japan, dragging her top half along using her claw-like hands. Every time she moves, she makes a "teke-teke" sound.

There is a story about a young boy who was leaving his school one evening when he heard a noise behind him. Looking back, he saw a beautiful girl sitting at a window. The girl had her arms propped up on the window sill and was just staring out at him. He wondered why she was there because it was an all boys school.

When she saw him looking back at her, the girl smiled and hugged herself so that she was holding her elbows. Then suddenly, she leaped out of the window and landed on the ground outside. The boy realized with horror, that she was missing the lower part of her body.

She made her way towards him, clawing along the ground and running on her elbows making a teke-teke-teke-teke-teke sound. The boy was filled with terror and revulsion. He tried to run, but he was frozen to the spot. Within seconds, she was upon him and she took out a scythe and cut him in half, making him into one of her own.

The American version of this story is called Click Clack.

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