9. Washroom mirror

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I was in a cheap restaurant and was about to go back after the meal but then I had to go to washroom urgently. I didn't see any sign board or anything so I called a staff member, "excuse me!"

"Yes, sir. How may I help you?" one of them replied.

"I need use the washroom," I said and the guy showed me the way. Just then, I saw a washroom passing by. "Hey, there's one," I pointed but he shook his head. "This is old one, I will take you to the new one,"

But it was so emergency, I didn't care if it was old or new.

"No, it's okay, I will just go in this one,"

"Okay then, I will wait for you here," he said and I went inside.

The washroom got me some weird feeling as though I was suffocating. Without caring anything, I went to the nearest one and did my business. As I saw the corner most one, there was another guy doing his business.

When did he even enter!? I didn't hear anyone entering... That was weird, I thought and went to wash my hand. When I saw the reflection, there was no guy. But when I looked back, he was still there. I looked back but there was no reflection of him.

Terrified, I ran out of the washroom and the staff was still waiting for me there.

"Did you see anyone going inside?" I asked.

"No, no one went in,"

"That's weird. Could you once check inside?"

"There's no one here," he said after taking a glance inside.

"That's weird. Someone was there but he wasn't visible in the mirror," I tried to explain.

"What mirror? There is no mirror in this washroom,"

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