33. 14 Days

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This is a story of a young actor who newly started the career. As he was not very famous, he wasn't that wealthy at the time so he was searching for a cheap place to live in.

And that's when he came to see an advertisement about a 2 storied house which was just at ¥35,000 (307.83 USD) which was very cheap and perfect for his liking. People say cheap houses come with ghosts but he didn't believe in spirits and all those stuff.

The day he started living in that house, when it was exactly 4:44 am, he heard a noise. Floor board creaking and then groaning voice.

He didn't think much about it and went back to sleep.

The very next day at night, when it was 4:44 am, he heard it again. But this time, he heard the floor board creaking twice and then the groaning sound.

Another day at 4:44 am, he heard the creak 3 times and then the groan and day by day, the number of creak increased each day. Few days later, he realized that the sound was coming from the stairs. He counted the steps and there were 13 steps.

And then he realized something. It was the 13th day he have been in the house and the creaking noise grow each day.

He got scared so decided to talk about it with the owner of the house. The person said that someone who lived in that house before him died on the 14th day of moving into that house and even though there was no sign of strangle, he died due to suffocation.

He got more frightened listening about it and so decided to talk about it with his friend and his friend suggested him to do the *Oharai. They went to the ghost specialist (I don't know the exact English word) and called the person over to his house.

The specialist said he could feel many souls at the house and did Oharai and stuck *Ofuda all over the room.

That day, the guy believed there wont be anything wrong in the house at night so he called his friends over at his place and was having fun all night when suddenly all the lights cut off. He checked the time on the mobile and it showed 4:44 am.

They got scared and suddenly the guy that bought the house groaned in pain 13 times and the light came back on as it was and they saw that the Ofudas were stuffed in his mouth but the guy was still alive.

What would have happened if there were no Ofuda in the room...?

*Oharai - process of getting rid of ghosts or bad spirits

*Ofuda - sort of paper that protects from bad spirits

If you're wondering why the time was 4:44 am, it's because in Japan, 4 is considered as the number of death because 4 is pronounced as "si" (also "yon") and "si" also means death.

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