20. Ghost in Love Hotel

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*I don't know about in other countries but in Japan, there is hotels called "love hotel" which is visited by couples*

It was 15 years back.

I was still a bachelor and I was going out with a girl. That day, after our date, we decided to go to love hotel.

As soon as we got there, we took bath together and then we headed to the bed. We didn't really switched all the lights off and in the dim light, we were making love.

Just in the middle, my girlfriend said, "let's just stop it,"

It was so sudden and I was young and felt like being insulted and so I went into bed mood. But even then she constantly said that she wanted to go out from the love hotel. I tried to convince her but she just stuck with her decision so I finally gave in and decided to leave the hotel.

But she burst into tears just after we got out. I didn't understand what she wanted.

Even when I asked, she didn't answer anything.

But later, when she was back to herself, she explained.

When we were doing it, she saw a corner of bed. Whenever the bed moved, the she saw a face of a man at the corner. I thought she was just making it up but she said that the man was chewing the edge of my bag.

But just as we stopped doing it, she said that the man just vanished.

When I saw my bag, it was actually there, the chewed mark that was definitely not there before.

It was not really that haunting but that was a very creepy experience.

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