44. Finger Prints

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This is an experience from my friend, Sachiko.

One day, when Sachiko returned to her apartment, her room was completely messed up. Sachiko thought there must have been a burglar and reported it to police.

Soon, the police came and there was investigations and police was quite surprised. "It is weird, there is no finger prints at all." Culprit must be wearing gloves, what is so weird about it, she thought. "Actually, your finger prints are not there at all either," the police informed her.

According to the police, Sachiko's finger prints was there in whatever she touched after coming back to her apartment room but except for that, not even a single trace of finger print was found. Police felt this was really weird so they checked her CD, makeup stuffs and her personal stuffs but there was no finger prints at all.

Police said the culprit must have cleaned it all, but Sachiko couldn't agree to that and she was completely freaked out. That day, she had barely left her apartment room for 2 hours. Can anyone do so much in just that time period?

Later when she checked, she had nothing stolen, but she found a mug cup which didn't belong to her.

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