8. Manhole

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I heard someone saying something like "Nae, Nae, Nae," and looked up at the hill and saw one of my classmate, Fuyuko jumping happily, playing alone. Just then, Akiko, who was also our classmate noticed her as well.

As Fuyuko was a bullied girl in our class, Akiko didn't like the fact that she seemed so happy. She went up to the hill where she was jumping up and down and so I followed her to see what was going to happen.

"What are you doing?" Akiko asked her but instead of replying, Fuyuko just kept on jumping and enchanted "Nae, Nae, Nae," and I noticed that she was jumping on a manhole. What was so fun about jumping on a manhole?

"Move aside, I will do," Akiko said rudely and pushed her aside. She stood on the manhole and jumped up. Just then, Fuyuko took the manhole away in impossible speed, letting Akiko fall down inside and closed it.

She then started to jump there again, now enchanting "Ten, Ten, Ten,"

In the original Japanese version, instead of Nae it was "Kyu" which sounds like "Kyuu" which means nine in Japanese so I thought of something that sounds like nine so I used the word Nae.

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