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Raven's POV:
It was a few weeks after our first flight with Isaldrí, and I was on a trail ride on my own, on one of the friendlier trails. I was glad to have time on my own, because recently I'd been practicing a lot for the judo competition, and also because I had my schedule full with school, the competition and horseback riding.

I was on Carnival, who was growing on me, even if he was naughty sometimes. I wasn't really paying much attention, when something caught my eye. It was a purple colored light, about the shade of my eyes.

"What is that?" I thought.

I urged Carnival ahead, curious to see what it was. I rounded a bend in the q, and what I saw stunned me. A purple stone.

"No way!"

I dismounted, holding the reins in one hand. I crouched down to examine the stone. It looked like Valerie's description of Isaldrí's egg, except it was the exact color of my eyes, with deep purple veins.

"Need to tell Valerie. She might know what this is about."

I picked it up, mounted again, which proved to be a challenge, and urged Carnival into a gallop. I arrived at the stable, and slowed down.


"Is something wrong Raven?" She asked from somewhere inside the building.

"No, but it's important."

A few seconds later she appeared, and stared in shock at the egg, or whatever it was.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"I don't know, but I suppose so."

"Wonderful." She said sarcastically. "Just when I'd untacked Flicka."

"Just tack up a lesson horse." I said, impatient. From her comment, I assumed that we were going to see Isaldrí.

Two minutes later, we were riding towards the clearing where we always met Isaldrí. Valerie had already called her, saying that it was important. We got there, dismounted, and I asked:

"Is this a dragon egg?"

"I think so, but we have to wait and see."

I wasn't sure how long it would take. Valerie said that she'd found Isaldrí's early in the morning, and that she'd hatched in the afternoon. We stayed there talking for about an hour, Valerie was explaining more about what she had learned of dragons and Riders. Later, while we were still talking, I heard a tapping sound. I looked over to the egg, and sure  enough, cracks were starting to appear. Finally, a small violet head poked out, followed by the rest of the dragon's body.

"Go on. Touch it." Valerie told me.

I did, and I felt as if a rush of wind were rushing though me, charging me with energy. A violet light blinded me, and it stayed that way for what seemed was hours, but in reality, only a few seconds.

When I was able to see again, Valerie asked to see my palm. I turned my hand over, and saw a mark like Valerie's, except it was in the shape of a star, and the same color of the dragon. I wondered why it was different. 

"It's different from mine." She remarked. "Do you know why Isaldrí?" 

"No. But if I see something that might help in memories, I'll tell you."

"All right." 

"Now you have to name this little one." 

"Is it female, or male?"

"Female."  Isaldrí confirmed. "I entered her mind just enough to tell." 

"OK. Well, her scales sparkle like gemstones, like those of all the dragons, and one go the most famous purple gemstones is an amethyst. Is that your name?" I said, speaking directly to the little dragon. 

She thumped her tail in approval.

"Then it's official. I am Raven Ally Sabbatini, Rider of Amethyst."

(Time skip)

Waking up, I groaned. I had to go to school. I wanted to see Amethyst so badly! I knew she would be safe with Isaldrí, and that food wouldn't be a problem, since the older dragon could hunt for her. Since yesterday, she had become a sort of surrogate mother to my little dragoness. I got ready quickly, throwing on some black jeans, a purple shirt, a nod to my dragon, and my trademark leather jacket, along with my chocker and Deathly Hallows necklace, since I wanted to see Valerie before the first class.She was going to have to teach me her techniques for hiding the mark. 

"On no. What are we going to do about Anne?" 

I was obviously going to tell her, but how would she react to the fact that her two best friends were both Riders? I would have to figure that out later.

"Mom, I'm going out." I shouted. I grabbed the keys, and went to the garage. I was already sixteen, and had passed my driver's test, so the days I went to the stable days mom let me take the car. I realized that this would be a lot more often, now that I had bonded with Amethyst. 

I arrived at school, texting Valerie to meet me to show me how to hide the mark. She said that makeup didn't work, as she'd borrowed some, but you still could see the glow. She showed me how, and by the time the bell rang, I'd gotten the hang of it. In art, later that day, we had to do a work in pairs, and luckily, I was with Valerie. We did a portrait of our two dragons together. I really loved how it came out. 

That afternoon, I took Anne and Valerie to the stables. We had a successful class, and Chloe announced that there would be a Christmas show on the fifteenth.

"Great. Just one more thing on my to-do list."

I still needed to figure out how to tell Anne about Amethyst.

"Want to go to a trail ride, maybe go visit you-know-who?" I said.

"Isaldrí isn't Voldemort, but I understand what you mean. Of course I will."

I had to laugh at her joke. Valerie's partner was definitely not Voldemort.

"Come on." I said to both of them. I was planning to tell her on the way there, and I was very nervous.

"I need to tell you something." I started. "Yesterday, I was on a trail ride, and I found a dragon egg. About an hour later it hatched. It was after Valerie had already visited Isaldrí, so I assume she had already untacked Flicka and gone back home. Since I didn't know what to do, I went to Isaldrí, that promised me that she would take care of Amethyst." I took off my glove, and showed them the mark. I didn't say anything about Valerie's involvement, because I didn't want Anne to feel left out.

Anne's POV: 

I couldn't believe it. How could Raven just happen to come across an egg? I was jealous. They both had such a special bond with their dragons. We rode into the clearing, and I saw Isaldrí, and next to her, a hatchling, which I assumed to be Amethyst.

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