A new Rider, and magic

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I want to give a shoutout to FantasybkLover, for always supporting me with this story

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I want to give a shoutout to FantasybkLover, for always supporting me with this story. Her own, A Rider's Fate, is amazing, and I suggest that you read it.

Valerie POV:

I woke up early the next day and got ready for school. I was going back for the first time since the trip, and even if we had figured out a way for the information from those four months to be sent to us, we still had had to study and review everything while we were on the trip, and I was nervous. On top of that, it was the first day of school for the Riders, and I wanted to make sure they all felt comfortable with it.

After breakfast, me and Trixie took the bus to school. We'd already shown all the Riders how to keep their marks hidden, so at least I didn't have to worry about that. I received a text from Anne, saying that she wanted to meet me and Raven to discuss what she had hinted at at the airport. When we arrived to school, I directed Trixie to the principal's office, because she wanted to talk with all the exchange students before classes started, and then I went to look for Anne.

When I got to the classroom, both of my friends were already there, and Raven had an impatient look on her face. I was also really curious about what Anne wanted to tell us, and the suspense felt like a Rick Riordan cliffhanger.

" I was walking the cross country course during a competition in Quebéc, when I saw a black stone on the ground. The weird thing was that nobody seemed to see it. When I got closer, I realized it had to be a dragon egg, because of the description you'd given of yours. Obsidian hatched the next day." Anne explained. She then pulled of her right glove, exposing a black Rider's mark in the shape of a star. An Air Rider, then.

Both me and Raven were somewhat surprised, but also very happy for our friend. It must've been hard for her having her best friends be Dragon Riders, while she wasn't, on top of the months we were traveling to find the rest of the Riders, where she probably felt alone, with only the illusions to keep her company. I felt guilty for doing this to her, but at least now she would be a part of our world.

That afternoon, all the Riders met at the clearing where the dragons were, and we did the official introductions. I made a list of each of the groups of the elements. The Fire Riders were Eric, Jin and Adele. The Air Riders were Raven, Anne and Elizabeth. The Earth Riders were. Natalia and Hans. Last but not least, the Water Riders were Padma, Diana, Trixie, and me. Raven and I had talked earlier, and decided to reveal magic after a few weeks of training, and adjusting to the new environment. Thankfully school had gone well, and even Evelyn, Savannah and their little clique, who were always rude, weren't bothering the 'exchange students'. After the introductions, we did some training, and then went back home.

Over the next weeks, we trained every day, and we had all become a lot closer as friends.  Raven, who was the most distant because of her past, had the best relationship with Adele, and didn't talk that much to anyone else, except for the three of us, except on some special circumstances. I myself had become quite close to Hans, the German Rider. He was shy, and I noticed that he had a little crush on his best friend, Trixie. It reminded me a lot of a situation in a fanfic I read, and I thought it was adorable.

It was in April, about a month later, that Raven and I decided to reveal magic to the others. Like we excepted, their reactions were much the same as ours were. Their dragons already knew, because Isaldrí and Amethyst had told them about a week prior. It was a lot harder keeping it from them, since they were creatures of magic, and had it in their core. From then on, in addition to normal Rider training, we practiced magic. It was far from easy, as none of us knew enough yet, and we had to rely heavily on the memories from the other Riders. Because of that, I decided to record each of them, word for word, so that all the information would never be lost. On the days that we practiced magic left us all exhausted, and we were really careful with our energy, because we didn't want to burn out. So far things were going well, but then again, I would probably jinx it by saying that.

Third POV:

In a government building in China, Chang Liu was thinking about the stories he had heard about Dragon Riders in the Middle Ages, who supposedly were ended because of the Hammers of God. If only he could find a way to bring them back, under Chinese control, then his country would have a huge military advantage, and a lot more power than they already had. The problem was, he needed to find some dragon eggs that were left from that time. Without them, he couldn't do anything at all. If he could find them, all he had to do was find the right Riders, who were willing to work with the government.

Hi guys, I finally finished this chapter. I'm back in school, so my schedule is getting organized again. I will change the updating day to Sunday. I changed a few things in my plan to include more action, so I hope you like it. If you enjoyed this chapter, I'd appreciate it if you left your thoughts and voted.


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