China and Jin

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Diana's POV:

A hand was shaking me. I opened my eyes, and saw that it was Elizabeth. She was dressed and ready, her blonde hair in a low ponytail.

"Diana wake up. We have to leave soon. According to the dragons the trip is long."

"Let me sleep. I hardly ever have the opportunity to sleep in,seeing as I train before school." I complained.

"If you don't wake up, I'll throw a bucket of water on you!" She threatened.

"Ok,ok. You have woken me up. Mission accomplished."

I quickly changed from my pjs to a white shirt, warm fuchsia hoodie, some jeans and tennis shoes. I packed everything else, and I woke up Sardius, who was still sleeping.

"Why did you have to wake me up, Diana?"

"Come on, Sardius, we're leaving in an hour."

He simply ignored me. He definitely wasn't a morning dragon.

"Wake up! If you don't ..." I trailed off. Sardius, of course ignored me again, paying no heed to my threat.

"I'll leave. Maybe Opal can take me. I'm sure Elizabeth won't mind."

Dragons are prideful, and hated their Rider to pay attention to any other than them. My plan had worked, Sardius was awake now.

"Don't you dare!" He bellowed.

"Of course not. But if you don't wake up next time, I will."

We all finished getting ready. We had breakfast, and then put our saddles on the dragons. After making sure nothing was left behind, we mounted the dragons and took off. We rose until the altitude a plane would be at, and despite the fact that a normal human wouldn't be able to breathe up here because of the lack of oxygen, Riders adapted after bonding with their dragon.

"So Sardius, what do you think about the other dragons?" I asked. I'd only spoken to Opal and Isaldrí so far, and I was curious to get to know the others better.

"Well, obviously I'm closest to Fjord, Gopurk and Silva, but I've talked to Opal and Isaldrí too. Amethyst, like her Rider, doesn't talk much, but I suspect it's for different reasons entirely. I think that Amethyst spends most of her time talking to Raven so that she won't feel so weird talking to the others."

"Oh. I kind of feel sorry for Raven. Something bad must have happened to her for her lose so much trust for people in general."

"Yes. I think that the only ones who know other than Amethyst are Valerie, and one of their friends back in Ottawa, Anne."

"I hope that we can help her regain her trust for people."

"Me too."

After that, we flew in silence for a while. The trip would be about eight hours and fifteen minutes, and we were still missing seven. It was going to be a long day. I noticed that Elizabeth and Hans were flying together, but it seemed to be more their dragons' choice than theirs.

"Hey Sardius?"


"Do you think that Opal and Fjord have feelings for each other?"

"You're right. It does seem so, except they are so oblivious, that they don't notice that the other feels the same for them."

"That is so much more common than you think. My best friend had had a crush on a guy from school for so long, and it was obvious that he had a crush on her too, yet they took forever to admit their feelings for each other. I hope Opal and Fjord don't take so long, they would be such a cute couple." (#shipping the dragons)

"Yeah, they would be." Sardius agreed. "Speaking of couples, do you see how Elizabeth glances at Eric every once in a while when he isn't looking, and he does the same?"

"I noticed. They always act nervous around each other."

"And they are just as oblivious."

Finally, six hours later, Natalia told me that we were only missing an hour to arrive. I was so relieved. My legs were cramped and sore from so many hours, but we really couldn't have much time to rest, because we were already going to arrive late, and we needed to check into the hotel we decided we would be staying in for the night, to rest after the long hours of flying.

We were approaching the city, which looked like a sea of lights, when the dragons, with their superior eyesight, spotted a figure. The weird thing was that it didn't look like a plane, more like a dragon. Could it be the Rider we were looking for? Whoever they were were rapidly getting closer. The dragon finally stopped a few meters away from us. Everyone in our group could tell that they were surprised. Then again, all of us were when we had found out about the other Riders.

It was dark, but we could see that the dragon's Rider was male. He wasn't very tall, and looked about my age. His dragon was red with golden tipped scales. Other than Isaldrí, this was the only one that had more than one color.

The Rider was still getting over their surprise, when Valerie introduced us. " I see you are also a Rider. I'm Valerie, and these are my friends, Raven, Eric, Natalia, Elizabeth, Hans and Diana. Our dragons are Isaldrí, Amethyst, Gopurk, Silva, Opal, Fjord and Sardius. Who are you?"

"My name is Jin, and this is Flojmi. I didn't think that there were any other Riders. What are you doing here?"

"Well actually, we were looking for you, you just made it easier. Do you think we could finish this conversation tomorrow? We've come from St Petersburg, and we have been flying for about eight hours, so we're eager to rest."

"Sure. You will probably find me at the archery range."

"Sure. Good night Jin. See you tomorrow."

The next day, after getting over dragon lag, as we liked to call it, we went to meet Jin. We arrived at the archery range he had told us about yesterday, and found him practicing. I knew nothing about the sport, but he was good. He hit the bullseye a few times before he noticed us.

"You're pretty good." Eric commented.

"Yeah, well I have to be to make it to the Olympics."

"No kidding! I also want to go. I run track."

"Cool. Maybe we'll be there together one day. Hopefully."

Elizabeth interrupted them. "You can talk about that later, I think the idea was to discuss the Riders?"

"You're right, lets go somewhere more private. I'll show you where."

We talked to Jin, and he agreed. We spent the week getting everything else ready, and finally we were able to leave. I think that the next stop would be Australia.

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