The Academy

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Valerie POV:

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Valerie POV:

During the time we had trained, we had decided that we were going to need some actual headquarters for training, meetings, etc. When our order would eventually expand and grow, we would need more space for everyone, and our 'exchange program' excuse wouldn't last forever. Eventually other Riders would join us, and they would need a place to stay too. I think that after those few weeks, all of us had realized this.

That afternoon, after school we got together in the dragon's clearing to train. Today we would be working on aerial manouvers, but I wanted to talk about the other issue first.

"We have a little problem that could affect the future of this order" I started.

"Yes," Hans agreed. "I've been thinking about it for a while.  What are we going to do when more Riders join? There aren't enough host families for everyone. Well, I have a solution."

Everyone looked expectantly at him. I think several already had an idea of what he was going to say. The Riders had become like a second family. Even if we each had our best firends, and weren't as close to some of the others, but that was normal. We had each other's backs, and I really loved how we were so close. It was a wonderful feeling.

"My idea is that we build an academy for all the Riders. It would be hard, but we have magic on our side. I told you I'd been thinking about it for a while, so I already drew out the plans." "Typical Hans" I thought. "Yeah." Isaldrí agreed.

"The rooms would be organized according to the element, with Earth being on the second floor, and Air being on the fifth. The first floor will have a meeting room, the kitchens, the Great Hall to eat, the library, and maybe a few  classrooms for when we study theory. Outside will be the training grounds and maybe a few other things." he explained.

"I like the idea, but you're right, Hans. It would be difficult. I think we can do it though." Trixe agreed.

"Ok, all in favor of building the Academy?" Hans asked.

Everyone raised their hands, and since the motion was passed, Hans said that he'd explain his plans more in detail after we trained. We all mounted our dragons, and they jumped into the air, pumping their wings to gain altitude.

"Ok, Isaldrí, lets try a barrel roll in formation, ok?"

"Sure. Hold on"      

All at once, the dragons dived in formation, spiraling down in synchronization. It was good, but we still needed to work on pulling up at the right moment. We continued training for a while, and after that, Hans explained his plans to build the Academy.

The next day, we started building. It was complicated, but it was the only way we could do it. Again, I was thankful for magic. Without it, it would have been very difficult to do what we were trying to accomplish. Our two Earth Riders made bricks by hardening soil, to the point where it was virtually unbreakable, and would withstand earthquakes or an attack with magic. They also worked on the foundations, making the building as stable as possible. Then, we started building. The bricks melded together instead of cement, the Water Riders took care of the plumbing with magic, the Air Riders levitated the supplies to where we would need them, and the Fire Riders worked on a few other things wherever they could.

One day, we were having a council meeting, when the topic of the expansion of the Riders came up. We all knew our 'exchange students' excuse wasn't going to work much longer, because most exchanges lasted six months at the most. The only choice we had left was to reveal ourselves. The problem with that were the logistics. The memory spell we had cast could interfere with that, and we weren't going to reverse that for the reveal because it would be to complicated. On top of that, we had to worry about how the news was going to be spread over the world, and what the reactions of the people would be. There were some good things though. Recruiting would be easier, and we already knew that individual dragon mothers had hidden their eggs so that they would be safe. It also meant that we wouldn't have to keep the secret at school or from our families anymore. Those two by far the hardest.

In the end we decided that we would simply show ourselves flying with our dragons. That was sure to catch the attention of people. After that we would explode the purpose of our order. However, we were going to tell our families first. We set up a meeting in a few days for that, and all of us were extremely nervous. The public reveal was planned for a few weeks after that.


The day that we would reveal ourselves to our parents, I was really nervous. All of us were. We didn't know how they'd react, and if it was bad, then our relationship with our families would be broken for a long time, if not forever. Our parents would meet us at the stables, and then we would video call the parents of the international Riders.

We were standing at the stables, with some horses saddled, when our parents arrived. This was it. We rode into the forest, and I could tell that Raven Anne and I's parents were really curious. Sarah had also come because she needed to know. When we were close enough, we called everyone else's parents. They picked up, and we rode into the clearing. The Academy was farther away, and hidden by magic for the time being.

"Hey Isaldrí. You can come down now." I said.


The dragons swooped down and landed. I could see the pure shock on everyone's faces. I went on to explain everything, apologizing for keeping this a secret, but changing our trip for the Riders finding their eggs here. After that, we looked questioningly at our families.

"Will you forgive us for keeping this a secret, and promise to keep it until we reveal ourselves?" We asked. This was the moment of truth. They could either agree or disagree.

"We will." They answered. We all breathed a sigh of relief at that.

They had many questions, and we showed them the Academy's progress, but we were all relieved they took it well.

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