Friendships, and suspicions.

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That afternoon, I went to the stable with Anne

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That afternoon, I went to the stable with Anne. I wanted to apologize for kind of leaving her out today, because I sensed that Raven wasn't exactly open to new people, and the only way I had gotten her to talk was with the topic of books. I wanted to make the new girl feel comfortable in her new surroundings.

I tacked up for a lesson, and brought Flicka to the outdoor arena.

"Hey Anne. I wanted to say that I'm sorry for leaving you out today. I wanted to make sure that Raven was ok being in school for the first time."

"I understand Valerie. I would probably do the same. I forgive you."

"Thanks Anne."

"No problem. What is the deal with Raven anyway. She was edgy with everyone, but you."

"Yeah, I noticed that too. She was like that at the beginning, but when I mentioned Harry Potter because of her necklace, she let her guard down. Something must have happened to her to make her like that."

"Yes. I would like to be her friend too. She looks kind of lonely."

"Well, she started talking to me calmly when I mentioned Harry Potter, well the fact that I loved it. I know that you are far from being such a fan as I am, but you definitely know enough from all my comments to make the connection."

"That's true. I'll try my best tomorrow."

We had our lesson, and my mind connection with Flicka made things so much easier. The biggest problem was when we argued about things like a take off point. It didn't exactly happen often, but it was more difficult than when the connection didn't exist. After class, I went to visit Isdalrí, as normal. I told her about Raven, and my concerns about what could have happened in her past to make her so edgy, and also her comment about dragons. Isdalrí was really amused at that.

"If she only knew that they are real..." Isdalrí trailed off.

"I think that it would actually make her pretty happy. She was quite jealous when my patronus changed to a dragon, obviously because of our connection."

"Well obviously, we are the most magnificent creatures on Earth. What's a patronus anyway?"

I could tell that it wasn't easy for her to admit that she didn't know something.

"It's your spirit animal. In Harry Potter, it is the way to repel Dementors, some awful creatures that suck all the happiness out of you. Each patronus represents the caster. Before all this, mine was a great grey owl." I explained.

"It's pretty interesting, I like the owls, they are nice to me. Not many of the animals here are. I think they're scared of me."

Well, that was surprising. Isdalrí never showed emotions like that; feelings of insecurity and loneliness.

"Don't worry, I'll always be there for you." I said to comfort her.

"You're right. I can't let something like that put me down."

(Time skip)

I was back In the stable, and untacking Flicka, when Anne came up to me.

"Hi, how was your trail ride?" She inquired.

That put me on edge, because she was probably getting suspicious. Anne was the person I was around most, in school, and here. She must've noticed that I disappeared every day after working Flicka, in direction of the woods. It was possible that she'd also picked up on the unfocused expression on my face when I was talking with Isdalrí or Flicka. And she also knew enough about horses to question why I had started improving so much in the past weeks. Obviously I was putting a lot of hard work into it, but it wasn't exactly common to improve so much, in such a short amount of time, without training more than I did.

"Good. I discovered a new place in there." I hoped that the excuse would work.

"Cool. I take it that because you're in there so much, that you cleared the path?"

Great, now what? She could want to come with me next time, and the signs of Isaldrí being there were pretty obvious. Every time she landed, the dragoness left deep marks in the ground, because of her claws.

"Yes I did actually. It took very long to do, and after that I discovered the cave."

"That's cool."

She didn't say anything else, and I was glad that she didn't press the matter further.  I had to be more careful from now on.

(Time skip)

The next day in school, I introduced Raven to Anne. The latter tactfully, asked her what books she liked. Raven replied that obviously Harry Potter, but that she also liked Copernicus Legacy, Hunger Games, and all of Rick Riordan's works.

"That is so cool. I know a few people that like PJO, etc, but nobody that has also read and liked Copernicus."

"Me too!" Raven answered. "What about you, Anne?"

"I'm currently reading Harry Potter, and all the ones you said earlier are on my list. Valerie here kept pestering me to read it, until I finally relented."

"Why did you even take so long?"

"I really didn't use to read much except for horse things before I met Valerie." Anne explained.

"Oh. How long have you known each other?"

"We met at the stables a few months ago, at the end of summer. I had just moved here from Miami, and was looking for a place to ride." I replied.

"So you both horseback ride?"

"Yes, do you do any sports?"

"Actually, yes. Judo."

"Cool. It isn't really often that you know someone who does a sport like that."

"No it isn't. Horseback riding isn't exactly common either." Raven commented. "Do you both have horses?"

"Yes. Anne's is an Irish Sport Horse, called Aquata, and mine is Flicka, a Hannoverian."

"I don't recognize the breeds, but I really like the names."


After that, we became close friends with Raven, even if it took a while to gain her trust completely. Something had happened, and I wasn't sure what. The only thing I knew was that other than us, her closest friend was her cousin, a girl named Olivia, though I'd never met her.

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