The Big Reveal

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Raven's POV:

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Raven's POV:

The Academy was finally finished, which meant that today was the day we would reveal ourselves to the world. It was a Saturday, and we had spent the past week finding the perfect time to do it, and planning everything to the last detail. We wanted it to be impressive, but we also wanted to have fun. We practiced tricks, and formations, making a routine that we would preform today. It was as good as it could be, but we were all nervous. The fact that our families had taken the news well, didn't mean that the whole world would.

I met the other Riders at the stables, so that we could ride to the Academy where our dragons were waiting. We would leave our horses there until we got back, which would probably take long. We had decided that riding of flying would be the only ways to get to the academy, partly because of privacy, so other people wouldn't bother us. At least there were borders just in case.

When we arrived to The Academy, after a tense ride, we left the horses in the stalls we had for them. We tacked up our dragons in silence, and we mounted.

"Today is an important day for us. It's the day that we're going to come out to the world. I want to thank all of you for making this possible. I would have never thought that I would have made it this far back when I found Isaldrí's egg. To tell the truth, I wouldn't have made it without you. This has been an incredible experience so far, and I know it will keep being that way." I smiled. Valerie's speech brought memories from when I first met Valerie and Anne. Being a Dragon Rider made me a better person, and played a huge part in the recovery after the Gabby and Cole incident. I gained my trust in people back somewhat, and I was definitely a lot less edgy. "So I want to dedicate today to all of you. To the Dragon Riders! And the dragons." She added with a laugh.

"Thank you for remembering us."

"Now that we're having all these inspirational speeches, I want to thank all of you. When I first met Valerie and Anne, I was closed off to everyone. I had was harsh and cold, afraid that history would repeat itself. But being a Rider and meeting you changed me. You've become like a family to me. Yes, I'm still weary to talk about my past, and I take time to warm up to people, but that process would have taken so much longer without all of you."

W took off into the sky, and once we were high enough, we dropped the invisibility spell. Moving into formation, mimicking migratory birds. We flew for a while, so people would have time to see us better, since we were still somewhat far from the city. When we were close enough, we changed the formation, and went into a short dive, pulling up closer to the ground. We preformed several tricks like barrel rolls and even some upsidedown flying. Then, we all loosened the straps holding our legs, and let ourselves go. We were in free fall for a few seconds, befor our dragons caught us again. We landed in a big park after that.

People were looking at us with shocked faces as we dismounted, and as expected, reporters showed up in no time.

"Hello, I'm from ARC news, and I'm sure we're all wondering who you are, and why did you show yourselves."

"We're Valerie, Raven, Anne, Eric, Natalia, Hans, Elizabeth, Diana, Jin, Trixie, Adele and Padma." Valerie said, gesturing to each of us in turn. "We're Dragon Riders. They are Isaldrí, Amethyst, Obsidian, Gopurk, Silva, Fjord, Opal, Sardius, Flojmi, Topaz, Solaris and Lazuli respectively." The dragons hummed, glad about all the attention. "As for why we showed ourselves, we believe we can make a difference in the world. Keep peace and good relationships between countries."

"So, how did you become Riders? Can anyone?" The reporter asked eagerly.

"Those of us who aren't Canadian were here on an exchange program, or well, still are. We each found our eggs at different times, but we became friends and founded our order." Elizabeth explained. We weren't going to admit that we'd gone looking for the other Riders. "As for the second question, well, not anyone can be a Rider. Dragons only choose some people, and they have their own criteria for doing so. It's impossible to force an egg to hatch for you."

Natalia intervened, saying "if anyone finds a dragon egg, do us a favor, and get in touch. If it hatches, we need you to come for training. We are recruiting Riders, and it would be wonderful if our order grew."

They asked us a few more questions, but after that we were able to go back home. When we arrived to the Academy, we immediately turned on the TV to see what people were saying. We were able to see a video of our show, and I must say it was pretty cool. After that came the interview, and I think all of us cringed seeing ourselves on TV. However, the most important part was what was coming next. The people's reaction.

The same reporter who interviewed us asked several people about what they thought, and reactions were varied, going from total curiosity, to a hint of jealousy, and maybe some fear. There weren't as bad as we thought they would be, but we still needed to deal with them. We had to show the people that they could trust us, and that they didn't have to fear us. There wasn't much we could do about the jealousy, and we could only hope it died down with time.

Hi guys, sorry for publishing this chapter so late, but I've been really busy, and I haven't had much time to write. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, I'd really appreciate if you voted and commented.

~ Valerie.

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