First flight

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I got to the clearing where I always met Isdalrí, and sent her the message that I was there. Two seconds later, she landed with a thud. I hoped no one had felt it, and if they had, it would be dismissed as a tremor.
"You should come fly with me."

"But I would need a saddle, otherwise I will destroy my legs. Besides, if I do my parents will question it, which could reveal you, and I won't be able to ride."

"Then get a saddle!"
"I'll try to find one, but your size might make it difficult, and I would need to modify it, because it will need more straps so it won't fall off. "

"All right, but try to get it soon. I'm itching to fly with you. "
"It's getting late. I should go back. Goodbye, my partner. I'll see you tomorrow."

I got to the stables, and after doing a quick search, I found that saddles Isdalrí's size did indeed exist, but it was almost the biggest, so I knew that one day I would have to find a way to make my own, specially if she grew fast. I asked Chloe if she had any saddles that size. She did, and could lend it to me for a few months.

Now I needed to find a way for it to not fall off. Maybe a breastplate would work. It wouldn't need reins to work, and I knew that using them would bother Isaldrí too much, other than hurting her pride. The good thing is that the one I own is adjustable, so it would be easy to get on. I went back home, excited for tomorrow.
The day dragged on and on and on. It seemed as if school would never finish. To prepare for the upcoming flight, I was re reading the Eragon books, and taking notes on anything that could help me. It's not that I didn't trust Isdalrí, it was more along the lines of being prepared for anything.

I had dressed in some of the warmest clothes I owned, because the air all the way up there would be freezing. The bell rang, marking the end of the day, and I ran as fast as I could to get my bike.

The second I got to the stables, I told Chloe that I was going to ride to my friend's barn, packed the things I would need, and mounted. Chloe handed me the saddle, and I carefully placed the saddle in front of my own. Steadying it with one hand, I directed Flicka with my mind towards the clearing.

I had already called Isdalrí, not wanting to wait when I got there. I lowered the saddle carefully, dismounted, and started taking out the other things from my backpack. I tied up Flicka, even if I knew that she wouldn't run away, and started tacking up.

I set the saddle, which I had paired with my extra stretchy girth, on Isdalrí. I tightened it and, it was a perfect fit, but a little hard to do. I had already put in the part where the breastplate attached to the girth, and now I joined it to the saddle. Lastly, I took of the stirrup irons, and adjusted the straps so that they would be able to hold my legs in place. Finally I got on. I was so excited! Slipping my legs into the straps, I prepared for takeoff.
( I was going to leave it there as a cliffhanger, but I'll be nice and let you keep reading)

Isdalrí crouched, jumped and started flapping her wings to gain altitude. The wind rushed past me, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. After a while, Isdalrí leveled out. I could see the whole forest, and even the stables from up here!
"See why I wanted to bring you up here with me?"
"Yes, it is wonderful."
"Hang on, and watch this." Isdalrí said, and suddenly dived. I leaned forward, holding on as tight as I could to the saddle. Just when we were about to hit the ground of the clearing, Isdalrí pulled out of the dive.
"Don't tell me that you didn't enjoy that."
"It was awesome, but could you please give me a better warning next time? I was kind of scared. It was like a roller coaster. You suddenly dived and I wasn't prepared. Besides, I almost impaled myself on your spike when you pulled out!" I told her.
"Ok, ok. It's just that I love aerial maneuvers. Went to try a barrel roll?"
"All right, but be careful."
We ascended, and when we were at the right height, Isdalrí went into a dive, spinning as she went. A few seconds later, she leveled out again.
"That was so cool! But it kind of made me dizzy. What else can you do?"
"I know it is, but after practicing for a while you get used to it."
"I hope so."
"Anyway, I can do those two I just showed you, and also a loop-de-loop. I haven't tried any others yet."
"Oh. Well maybe we could try it tomorrow. I have to go back soon, even if I would prefer to stay here the rest tif the day."
We descended, and I dismounted and untacked Isdalrí. I put the things in the small cave she had lived in before, after putting on some protective covers, so that they wouldn't get damaged.

I untied Flicka, and said goodbye. I couldn't wait to come back tomorrow, but I would have to wait.

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