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Valerie's POV:
It was Monday, and it was the first day of school after the reveal. I seriously hoped that they reacted in a good way, because otherwise school would be a nightmare to get through. We had each other, but group works and school events would be absolutely terrible to endure, on top of the fact that some of us didn't enjoy them in the first place.

Our parents had let us stay in the Academy for convenience, as long as we visited them several times a week. While I got ready I thought about all of this. I was proud of what we had accomplished. Looking at the Academy was enough proof of that. And now we had revealed ourselves, and we were hoping to make a change in the world.

After breakfast we mounted our dragons and headed to school. The flight was only a minute or two, and soon, we found ourselves descending to the football field. Our dragons landed, the impact shaking the earth a little. Everyone was looking at us with shocked expressions. Yes, they knew about the Riders, bu I think they hadn't exactly registered that they were their own classmates.

We dismounted and I told Isaldrí to go back. The dragons took flight again, and everyone watched until they were out of sight. They were still staring, and it was getting uncomfortable for all of us, so I decided to break the silence.

"Look, I know that you haven't registered that your classmates and the Riders are the same people, but we'd all appreciate if you treat us like you would any other person. Just because we are bonded with dragons doesn't mean we are better or more special that anyone. We are perfectly human. Technically, but they don't need to know about that." I added in my mind.

"Exactly." My dragoness answered.

We went to classes like normal, but there still was a lot of awkwardness in the air, but Savannah, Evelyn and their little clique were already rejecting us, and being rude. I expect it was jealousy. Before this, they were the most everything. The most popular, admired, most talked about, etc. They must've felt that they lost that because they weren't bonded to a dragon. I could see why they weren't. They were rude, arrogant, egotistical, they weren't really tolerant of differences... They never were really nice to me, and I could tell they would be a problem in the future.

Finally, classes were finished, and we could go back to the Academy. The day had been awkward, because our classmates still didn't know how to react to us being Riders, and they were uncomfortable around us. We trained for awhile, with magic and without, and after dinner, we decided to turn on the tv, and see what had happened regarding the reveal.

Unsurprisingly, the presidents were making the formal statements about the situation. They would be critical to the future of the Riders, specially those that came from world powers. Their acceptance would be vital, if we wanted to keep peace between all the countries. In a typical fashion, the United States came first.

"Yesterday, a new organization was revealed to the world. Dragon Riders. They are all teenagers, but with the mighty dragons by their side, they are a force to be reckoned with. This is why I'm offering a place to the Riders as part of the United States of America." This sounded weird. Typical politicians that make everything complicated. We needed to discuss this. We all looked at eachother. We were thinking the same thing.

After a round of commercials, it was Russia's turn. Most likely it would be something similar to what the US had said. I was right. They also wanted an 'alliance' with us. Honestly, I think that the real reason for that was power. I mean, dragons were magical creatures, who could breathe fire on top of being fierce fighters. Of course they would want them on their side. The thing that they didn't understand, was that we were independent from them. We were here to help keep peace throughout the world, not be tools of power for other people.

I turned off the TV. I couldn't stand hearing how other people wanted to use us and our partners to gain power, and I think nobody did. We were people, and our dragons were intelligent and had feelings. They weren't mindless beasts to be treated like pets or tools. Quite the opposite.

"I hate the presidents that talked just now! Don't they have any respect?" Trixie vented. She was right. They didn't. Not for us or our dragons.

"Trixie is right," Hans agreed. Of course he would. Those two were best friends, but we all knew that they liked each other, even if they wouldn't admit it. They were perfect. Trixie's outgoing personality complemented Hans' shyer one.

"Well, if this keeps on, meaning political arguments over who has power over us, we have to do something. Violence obviously isn't an option but I think the UN could help us, since it is an international matter," Adele, always the reasonable one, said.

"But, they are literally trying to use us for their own benefit!" Raven complained. I did understand why though. She had had bad experiences with people using her before. Of course she would be against it. I did agree with her though. Those people didn't care about what happened to us. It was just an act.

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