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Loving The Enemy ( America x Russia ) by BluePhoenixFire
Loving The Enemy ( America x Kaylene :3
Alfred, who has been told to shut up and grow up all his life, fears the scary and powerful Ivan. But to prove he is strong and to protect his friends, he attempts to fa...
  • russiaxamerica
  • russia
  • hetalia
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Predator ✓ by MilReyna
Predator ✓by Granny Mil
When April visits her brother in Rosewood, she didn't expect that her life would turn upside down. April soon finds out that the town isn't quite normal. She realizes, t...
  • dangerous
  • darkromance
  • fight
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THE DOWNPOUR by lola-rose123
THE DOWNPOURby lola-rose123
⛈️ THE MAFIA PRINTSESSA ⛈️ Nikolai Mikhailov is the son of one of the most powerful men in the world, and will one day inherit his father's criminal empire. Until then...
  • action
  • violence
  • new
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The Blizzard - Russia x Reader by KotekTMLS
The Blizzard - Russia x Readerby Kyub
What happens when a blizzard occurs during a country's first world meeting, keeping everyone stuck inside a hotel for a few days? Will love grow between the cold country...
  • russia
  • arthurkirkland
  • ivanbraginski
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The Sunflower of My Life |Russia X Reader| by Frostfur789
The Sunflower of My Life |Russia FrostFur❄️
Ivan always cared for (Name); even before they formally met. He watched in horror as her father ruthlessly abused his family, but was always forgiven. The young boy knew...
  • hetalia
  • aph
  • countryxreader
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Russian prince by kakashi390
Russian princeby katie
MxB don't like don't read. Victor is a 17 year old who's about to finish high school. Vladimir is 27 and is in need of a bride to gain the crown for king in Russia. Vi...
  • bxb
  • boyxboy
  • slow
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They'll never know (RusAme) by Ruski_Russ_Pierog
They'll never know (RusAme)by Ruski_pierog
Russia and America are forced to lie about their feelings and date Ukraine and Japan. Tho they both know that there lying to themselves they have to carry on for they do...
  • russiaxamerica
  • love
  • gerpol
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Petals by ARuscaShipperuwu
Petalsby Burnt Toast
This is a story bout RusAme I hope you enjoy ♥ (I actually regret doing this ♥ m ♥)
  • regret
  • contryhumans
  • america
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The Russian's Baby by phantomgirl3
The Russian's Babyby ❤️Sabrina❤️
Juliette Sofia Preston, a sweet 17 year old that ends up drunk on her class trip to Russia. What had happened that night was a blur all she could remember was a man that...
  • dom
  • russian
  • stephenjames
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The Yakuza Bride by fantasyhasnolimits
The Yakuza Brideby ~fantasyhasnolimits~
He is the eldest son of a Russian mobster, and she is the only daughter of a Yakuza boss. He is cunning, ruthless, a born fighter. She likes her knives, but loves her ce...
  • wattys2016
  • yakuza
  • bride
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Mafia Wars by KKLBOOKS
Mafia Warsby KKLBOOKS
Emilia Santana is finally summoned back to America after 4 years in Spain. Her protective mafia father sends her away in hopes to hide hear beauty but he realises she mu...
  • war
  • pain
  • italy
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Hetalia Funnies!! by smokey-elika
Hetalia Funnies!!by mami chula 😩
This is just a book full of Hetalia texts, memes, jokes, puns and more!! I was inspided by the cover of this book to make this xD I would suggest you guys watch it t...
  • puns
  • memes
  • america
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The Secrets of a Nation (Really freaking slow updates) by ladyluckassassin
The Secrets of a Nation (Really ladyluckassassin
This is basically a story just like all the other nation diary books... so... yeah... ADVENTURE!!! (Slow updates) 24/35
  • japan
  • china
  • hetalia
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Spotlight (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader) ✔ by WonderingAuthor
Spotlight (Yuri Plisetsky x Cat x
Yuri Plisetsky, now 17 years old, is at the peak of his career as a figure skater. Successful and talented, he seems to have everything on a silver platter. But no amoun...
  • yurionice
  • romance
  • drama
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The Russian Mafia's Queen. by bolueniola
The Russian Mafia's bolueniola
CURRENTLY BEING EDITED My name is Chloe and I have a story to tell you; 3 years ago in Italy, I witnessed a four gang murder that happened in front of my apartment in b...
  • testify
  • romance
  • action
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Countryhumans Roleplay (I ONLY SUB) by Schmaltzii
Countryhumans Roleplay (I ONLY SUB)by Slav Daddy
I only sub cause I'm a stupid bottom.
  • germany
  • finland
  • roleplay
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ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛʀʏʜᴜᴍᴀɴs // ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs by PhilipUWU
ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛʀʏʜᴜᴍᴀɴs // ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛsby Philip uwu
art cover © Prin-con (tumblr) / PrinConOfficial (twitter) this is my first writing in wattpad , so please be gentle with me !
  • nsfw
  • russia
  • ukraine
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Unexpected Souvenir by princessamaterasu
Unexpected Souvenirby princessamaterasu
A collection of oneshots about different Hetalia mochi and their encounters with human girls that capture their interest, and perhaps their heart. Mochi!Various x Reader
  • america
  • canada
  • germany
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Countryhumans x Reader by Icefang11
Countryhumans x Readerby End mii
All by yourself, at the age of 18 you moved out. At your new place you start to notice something strange. Little flickers happening in the corner of your eye every now a...
  • japan
  • germany
  • soviet
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Countryhumans x reader oneshots by fabulously_curious
Countryhumans x reader oneshotsby Falling Stars
"I-I love you... I-I'm s-sorry..." She said with a sad smile, tears flowing down her red cheeks. "I love you too," he paused as tears threatened to f...
  • countryxcountry
  • russiaxreader
  • oneshot
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