Meeting Isaldrí

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Raven's P.O.V (surprised?)

The next day I was excited. Valerie was going to show us whatever it was that she went to do in those trail rides through the forest. I had noticed her trips since the first day I had come to the stable, because when I had got here, she was just coming back. I have to admit that I had enjoyed horseback riding a lot. I was still afraid that the same thing that had happened with my ex best friend, Gaby, and my ex boyfriend, Cole, would happen here. But little by little, Valerie and Anne had gained my trust, however I still can't let my guard out and they don't know all my secrets. Still, Valerie was going to trust us with whatever her secret was, something that she hadn't even remotely mentioned until we had confronted her about her suspicious behavior. Maybe I should be brave and tell them my past. But I'm still not ready.

The school day dragged on and on, and I could see that Anne was just as curious as I was, and that Valerie was extremely nervous.

Finally, class finished, and Valerie's mom, Katrina, offered to take the three of us to the stables. When we got there, I tacked up Carnival for class. When it finally finished, I asked:

"So, what's the story?"

"Well, I've always liked exploring, and one day, I found the forest that we're going to. What I had said before to Anne about the cave was true, but I'd cleared the path a long time ago. That's what I can tell you for now."

"Ok, I'm just super impatient to know what it is."

A while after we had entered the forest, Valerie told us to shorten our reins, and be ready for our horses to spook. We rode into a clearing. I looked around, and I noticed that there were some deep marks on the floor. They looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. I spotted the cave, at the edge of the clearing, and I was wondering if we had to go in, but Valerie hadn't said anything about dismounting.

The thing I least expected, was that Valerie took off her right glove. I noticed I had never really seen her palm. She always wore gloves, or kept it busy doing something with it. She held it up, and I saw a coppery mark, in the shape of a crescent moon. It glowed blue at the borders.That is when I knew what was happening.

"What is that?" Anne asked.

"You'll see." My friend answered cryptically.

A few seconds later, I heard really loud flapping. I looked up, and to my surprise, my gaze met a dragon! My mouth dropped, and I could sense Anne's had too. It was quickly descending, and it had bright bronze scales, with blue at the tips. The dragon landed, and I could see that it's eyes were sapphire blue.

"Anne, Raven, this is Isaldrí, my partner of mind and soul." Valerie introduced.

"Hello Anne and Raven." A voice sounded in my mind.

I knew it when I saw the mark.

"Dragons are magical creatures, and are extremely intelligent. They have the ability to speak with us using their minds." My friend quickly explained.

Trying to get over my shock of seeing an real dragon, I started asking questions. This was so amazing, and I had like a million I wanted to answer.

"Calm down Raven. I'll explain everything."

"Ok." I said cheerfully.

"It started when I was on an early morning hike during fall break in my uncle's cottage. I found a weird stone, the same colors as Isaldrí's scales. There was something really familiar about everything, but I didn't know what. That afternoon I was studying it, when Isaldrí hatched. That's when I realized that it was super similar to the events of Eragon. Anyway, I hid Isaldrí in the forest where I'd found her until break ended, and then when it was over, she came here. Now you must understand that it is incredibly hard for both of us to be separated for long periods of time, so I obviously came here every day. About three weeks after she hatched, she started talking to me. We could already send feelings and mental images to each other, but she couldn't talk until then. A while later, we flew for the first time. Anne, you must have noticed that I took one of the saddles from the stables. The reason for that, instead of riding bareback, was because if I did, I would wreck my legs. That's about it. Oh, and all those times I had a dreamy look on my face was because I was talking with my partner."

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