A History of the Dragon Riders

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Valerie's POV:

For the past couple of weeks, me and Raven trained. We learnt lots of new spells, and also how to store energy in gemstones. My favorite spell was  Glacies, the ice spell. I liked making shapes with the water, and then freezing it, making ice sculptures. Another one, was Mittent, a spell that would hurl water spheres.

Anyway, I had just gotten back from a long day of training with the dragons and Raven, and I had collapsed on my bed the moment I came back. I didn't have any homework, and I just wanted to rest and recover my energy. I took up my book, and after a while of reading, I was tired, so I marked the page and put it back, falling asleep.


I found myself in the council room of the Riders of old. I recognized it immediately since I had been there before in other dreams. Since the dragons' revelation that magic existed, both me and Raven had been having dreams like this, which was how we learned about all the different types of spells. The Elder Riders were talking about a matter that seemed to be of grave importance.

"The non magicis are becoming even more aware of magic and 'supernatural things'. There is news of a new system, called the inquisition. The purpose of this is to weed out what they call 'magic' and investigate ' supernatural events'. We have to be even more careful about keeping this secret now." One informed.

"I think we should also have a backup plan. In case the Riders disappear." Another commented.

"But what would that be?"

"I think we should hide some of the eggs with magic, so that only their destined Rider will be able to find them."

"Wonderful idea. Let's hide them in different spots around the world, but then erase our memories of where they are."

"Yes. We can send them out with magic."

"Now the question is, which are we going to choose?"

The Riders stood up, and went to the egg room. I'd never been there, but I admired how beautiful the architecture was. I certainly wasn't an architecture geek like Annabeth, but even the least experienced in the matter would be able to tell it was absolutely stunning. The walls were lined with cubby holes, where each egg laid. There was a variety of colors. Not only those of the rainbow, but also of other colors like black, white, metallic, and a wide variety shades of the other colors.

One egg particularly caught my attention. It was bronze, with sapphire blue veins. I instantly recognized it as Isaldrí's. I looked around, and I saw that there were only a few with veins of another color, but none as shocking as Isaldrí's. Scanning the room once more, I spotted Amethyst's egg too. The Riders looked over all the eggs for a while, and they seemed to come to a decision. Each of them took one egg. There were twelve in all, one for each of the leaders. Obviously, Isaldrí's and Amethyst's were within the group.

All the Riders joined hands and minds, and together, they cast the spells that would first, transport all the eggs to locations around the known and unknown world, then hide them, so that the only ones to find them, would be their destined Riders. Finally they cast the one that would remove everything from their memory.

I woke up. I couldn't believe what I'd just witnessed. The Riders of old had hidden the eggs all over the world! That meant that there must be Riders everywhere! I had to tell Raven. This was way too important to ignore. I got ready in record speed, ran down the stairs, grabbed my bike, and headed towards her house. It was Sunday, and I knew that she didn't have any other plans than training with the dragons today.

Arriving at Raven's house, I rang the doorbell, and she answered.

"Come on! I have news, but we have to be in a secluded space, and with the dragons, so we need to get to the clearing!" I said in a hurry.

Raven grabbed her own bike, because her mother didn't lend her the car, and I pedaled as fast as I could to the stables, Raven behind me, probably wondering what it was all about. I tacked up Flicka, and had to wait for ages before Raven and Carnival were ready. We rode to the clearing.

"What is this that is so urgent?" Raven asked.

"I would like to know too." Isaldrí said, impatient.

I had kept her blocked from my mind, waiting to deliver the news to everyone at the same time.

"It's best that I show you."

I lowered the barriers from my mind, and reached out towards the others. I replayed the dream. When it ended, they all stared at me in amazement. Raven was the first to talk.

"Wait. This means that there could potentially be other Riders around the world?"


"Do you think they have discovered magic?"

"Not really. I mean, this didn't start very long ago. Mostly it's just an underlying feeling that whoever they are haven't."

"What are we going to do with this information?"

"I propose to go find the Riders. It is better for all of us to stick together." I said.

"True. It could be dangerous when they discover magic."

"The thing is that we are obviously going to need an excuse to leave, unless there is a way of sustaining a powerful illusion from that far away."

We had learned about illusions not long ago. They worked best for Water and Air Riders, but all of them could preform them. The spell was Prodicat Deceptionem, and it was not exactly easy, but very useful. I wasn't sure if it would hold from whatever distances we would be traveling, but if it did, it would be the perfect solution. Also, we would need a lot of energy, so we would also have to solve that problem.

Hi guys, I hope you liked this chapter. There is going to be one more, which will be a filler, before they leave on their journey to find the Riders. I already have the twelve main Riders planned, but if you want, I will take character requests for the eventual second generation. Remember to vote and comment if it deserves it.


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