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A Rider's Fate - Book 1 In The Royal Rider Trilogy  ✔️ by FantasybkLover
A Rider's Fate - Book 1 In The Roy...by FantasybkLover
Sixteen year old Erin Heartfire would love nothing more than to ignore the dragon bonding ceremonies. While everyone else glorifies the potential to become a rider, she...
  • fantasyfiction
  • femalemaincharacter
  • dragonacademy
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Sang's Dragon by GBsang
Sang's Dragonby GBsang
A story about Sang, the first ever female to receive the mark of a dragon. Living in a world full of dominating males, she struggles to prove that she's no ordinary girl...
  • theblackbourneteam
  • theghostbirdseries
  • ghostbird
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The White Rider ✔️ (Completed) by FantasybkLover
The White Rider ✔️ (Completed)by FantasybkLover
A kingdom engulfed in civil war. A legend comes to life. Seventeen year old Sarah Nightwing is the White Rider, a rider of legend who will come to Earthtreah's defense i...
  • throne
  • fantasyfiction
  • femalemaincharacter
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Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1) by IllenisThorn
Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1)by I.L. Thorn
The colour of your magic decides everything. From whether you're a simple mage or a coveted dragon rider. Even your job and rank. Born to two parents without any form of...
  • wattys2018
  • school
  • mage
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The Last Dragon Rider by anythingeeky
The Last Dragon Riderby Anythingeeky
It's my secret My name is Scarlet Haven, and I am a dragon rider. I've hidden this for almost all of my life knowing if I'm caught I'm dead. Dragon Riders are powerful...
  • completed
  • dragonrider
  • teen
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A Dragon's Rider (Edited) by 101silver_wolf
A Dragon's Rider (Edited)by 101silver_wolf
Liora lives a good life. She has shelter, food, and family. But she's always wanted more. In her village of San Marral, boys are valued more than girls, choosing who the...
  • dragon
  • liora
  • sanmarral
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A Dragon's Rider (Unedited) by 101silver_wolf
A Dragon's Rider (Unedited)by 101silver_wolf
UNEDITED VERSION ( edited version on my page) In a world where every year, five male children from each city and village between the ages 15-18 are chosen to become drag...
  • dragons
  • girl
  • dragonrider
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Dragon Riders of Gretum by ashleydragongirl
Dragon Riders of Gretumby Unmasked
"Dragons don't exist!" How many times have you heard that...
  • adventure
  • magic
  • dragonriders
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Dawn's Light by PsychicNature
Dawn's Lightby Psychic Nature
Once, light graced the entire kingdom or Roahla, but now the land is shrouded in darkness. The land was cursed to be shunned by the sun, and the moon is left as the larg...
  • dawn
  • ice
  • day
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Dragon Academy by DesiLovesDragons
Dragon Academyby Desi💕uwu
This opportunity only comes every 100 years for those in the land of Blix. Which is the time of choosing. You touch an amulet and a color tells you how special you reall...
  • ice
  • water
  • lightning
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Off the Edge. Sequel of At the Edge. Hiccup X male reader by Vault_781
Off the Edge. Sequel of At the Edg...by Vault_781
So I decided to make the sequel anyway and in true fashion this takes place during HTTYD 2. But with Y/N in it. I'm writing this in a new style that I hope you enjoy! Ha...
  • hydra
  • inquisitor
  • toothless
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Apex [Imperial: Book 2] by SilverDragonRider
Apex [Imperial: Book 2]by SilverDragonRider
Book 2 of the Imperial series. Please read the new version of the first book first. With Kronx crowned as the new Dragon King, Argentum should have been able to relax a...
  • queen
  • master
  • dragons
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Wings of Fate *Discontinued* by Lightshadow368
Wings of Fate *Discontinued*by Lightshadow368
*Discontinued* In a world of magic & mythical creatures, people's jobs are decided based on how much magic they possess. When Kira is tested for how much magic she has...
  • dragonrider
  • action
  • war
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The Dragon Huntress by G3o7l4
The Dragon Huntressby G3o7l4
Even when growing up, Elia didn't fit in with the other girls. They would dress up in dresses. She wore cloaks. They would cook and sew. She would throw knives. They lik...
  • dragonrider
  • huntress
  • magicacademy
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Starsky Academy by Crackpuddle
Starsky Academyby Puddle
Every year, 20 children from all around the world are chosen for the opportunity of a lifetime. In the land of Yer, dragons are a rare sighting, but not an impossible on...
  • dragonschool
  • dragonacademy
  • wattpride
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Hellian-Evermoor series by xxxxkatfishxxxx
Hellian-Evermoor seriesby xxxxkatfishxxxx
Every year every kid that is 17 has to go up and touch the crystal dragon, the color is shows tells you what element you are. When Elleh happens to be a dragon rider how...
  • dragonrider
  • elements
  • magic
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Shifting Flames {Book 1 of the Black Mancer Series} by DystopiaQueen464
Shifting Flames {Book 1 of the Bla...by DystopiaQueen464
*•{#1 in Mancers!}•* *{#95 in Mythical!}* (Top 1.5%) Magic. Demons. Secrets. The prosperity of Abira is guarded by its army of Mancers, people with the ability to contro...
  • mythical
  • mage
  • dragonrider
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Rainbow Dragon (Dragon Rider #2) by IllenisThorn
Rainbow Dragon (Dragon Rider #2)by I.L. Thorn
A Cursed Prophecy. A Clash of Wills. A Legacy which should've been destroyed. When whispers reach the ears of the Outer City, speaking of things to come, the Misfits are...
  • missions
  • rainbow
  • magic
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Fugitive's Flight (Dragon Castaway Book 2) by BUrich121
Fugitive's Flight (Dragon Castaway...by BUrich
After humiliating the mighty dragon lord Rindar Earth castaway Jake McCall and former noble lady Wyena Dieron find themselves on the run. Pitting themselves and the drag...
  • dragons
  • dragonrider
  • cult
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Rogue Demigod by Major_Nich
Rogue Demigodby Major_Nich
Percy, betrayed for something he didnt do, survives on his own for five years before finding something strange in the wild. As he goes to inspect the item, he is transpo...
  • jackson
  • percy
  • saphria
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