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The Dragon Huntress by G3o7l4
The Dragon Huntressby G3o7l4
Even when growing up, Elia didn't fit in with the other girls. They would dress up in dresses. She wore cloaks. They would cook and sew. She would throw knives. They lik...
A Dragon's Rider (Unedited) by 101silver_wolf
A Dragon's Rider (Unedited)by 101silver_wolf
UNEDITED VERSION ( edited version on my page) In a world where every year, five male children from each city and village between the ages 15-18 are chosen to become drag...
Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1) {EDITING} by IllenisThorn
Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1) {E...by I.L. Thorn
The colour of your magic decides everything. From whether you're a simple mage or a coveted dragon rider. Even your job and rank. Born to two parents without any form of...
The Chosen One by jadadenae
The Chosen Oneby jadadenae
Women in her village are expected to clean and cook, while the men and other boys are praised for their mighty hunting skills and swordsmanship. Females are seen as unc...
Luck be Damned by Wordsmith-Rain
Luck be Damnedby Wordsmith Rain
Being given a chance to go to a different world doesn't happen often, (or ever, really,) so Alice isn't stupid enough to say no. Despite her relatively good life laid ou...
Sang's Dragon by GBsang
Sang's Dragonby GBsang
A story about Sang, the first ever female to receive the mark of a dragon. Entering a world where males reign supreme, she struggles to prove that a woman has what it ta...
Winds Of Change by klasvaakie
Winds Of Changeby Danielle
"It's a strange thing fate... You can't control it, you can't change it, as it walks hand in hand with destiny." - Airis Fox[the lost girl] Airis Fox is a gir...
Dragon Heritage by AryaNwright
Dragon Heritageby Arya R.G
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
Rider by mc2nicole
Riderby Nicole
Dragons are common in Zoe's world. At 16, you are assigned a legion, and if you're lucky, a dragon. The Second War of Dragonwall has been fought for centuries, and Zoe h...
Dragon Rider by reginapanuelo96
Dragon Riderby ClassicRegs
1st female rider in the making, Verina Lee from North Wing Village. Every year dragon festival were held to the village chosen by the higher ups "The Ministry of Ma...
Free to Fly: A Dragonriders of Pern FanFiction by whitneywritesbook
Free to Fly: A Dragonriders of Per...by Whitney Sivill
[Complete] Never in the history of Pern has a disabled person been Searched, yet that is exactly what happens to Missa. Legs useless since she was small, her fate as a...
❤️The Girl who won a Dragons Heart❤️ by CYBERSQUAR3
❤️The Girl who won a Dragons Heart...by CyberSQUAR3
What if your mother died in a horrible accident. What if you found out you were born to bring two worlds together! What if your best friends are both DRAGONS!!!! *I own...
Dragin rider ninja by 26-weeb
Dragin rider ninjaby 26-weeb
Kurai Kage was used as a weapon for Gallbatorix for as long as she could remember. being a weapon of such an evil king requires total control over ones emotions, so tht...
Sky Of Wings by TerraBrande
Sky Of Wingsby T.K Brande
Every 5 years 20 people are picked each from the four Kingdoms to become a Dragon Rider or Griffin Rider, and 30 people each for a Magic User. But what if you could be b...
Dragon Academy by Lunawolf1505
Dragon Academyby Lunawolf1505
Blare was a normal teenage girl with normal teenage problems like step mums and spoilt step sisters, but when the dragon fanas (the selectors of dragon riders and magic...
DragonTribes #2: ForestTribe by QueensAndDragons
DragonTribes #2: ForestTribeby Erin Wedemeyer
Zoe froze as a loud squawk sounded ahead of her. She looked down to the ground were she followed a blood trail. The dragon had stepped on something sharp as it fleed fro...
Runaway and Later to Return 《✔》 by LightFuryRider
Runaway and Later to Return 《✔》by LightFuryRider
Hiccup gets to kill the Monstrous Nightmare but doesn't want to since he's afraid that Toothless will leave him. Hiccup decides to leave when Astrid chases him through t...
Wings of a War by CatsWillFly551
Wings of a Warby CatsWillFly551
Percy Jackson has just finished his second war. He's happy, keeping the nightmares at bay with Annabeth. But you know the Fates. He can never get a break. And that's wh...
Unexpected Fate by black-lilac
Unexpected Fateby black-lilac
Vilansia and her dragon, Svellevarina, have spent many years training the young dragon riders alongside Eragon and Saphira. But their time of adventure has come. The peo...
Alpha Andromeda by mybooksaretrash
Alpha Andromedaby Aspen Erickson🛸
COMPLETED She wasn't known for her inexorable strength, her striking elegance, or her cunning intellect. She was known for her unpredictability, her cruelty, and most o...