The egg

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Valerie POV:

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Valerie POV:

I woke up early in the morning, like I usually did. I reached out, grabbing my book. After a while of reading, I decided to go out for a while. My family was going to take forever to wake up, so I had time because I was the only early riser.

I memorized my page, and set the book back on the nightstand. I got out of bed, careful not to wake my sister, who was sharing the room with me. It would be terrible if I woke her, because she would be in a bad mood, un top of the fact that we weren't as close anymore. After she got Firefly, her gelding, we had grown apart. I felt like I had to work harder to train my own Hannoverian mare, Flicka, while Sarah had the perfect, push-button horse. I loved Flicka, but it really made me angry that Sarah didn't have to work very hard to do well in horseback riding.

My uncle's cottage, where I was staying, was about an hour away from Ottawa, where I lived. Today, I chose to take a walk in the nearby forest. The day was bright and sunny, without any clouds. It was autumn, my favorite season, and the leaves were glorious shades of yellow, orange-brown and red. The leaves crinkled beneath my shoes as I walked through the forest.

I was thinking about my latest read,inventing theories about what would happen next, when I tripped over something. I picked myself up, and brushed off the dirt. I looked down to see what I had tripped on, and saw that it was a stone. It was unlike all the others, a brilliant bronze, like a Greek blade, with sapphire veins. It was about the size of my head, and had an oblong shape. I had a feeling like I should know what it was, but the knowledge escaped me for a moment.

I knelt down to examine it closer. It looked like metal, but this idea didn't make sense at all. When I picked it up, it moved! I was shocked. How could it move on its own? Could it be an egg of some type, judging by its shape? That didn't make sense either. An egg would never be such bright colors. There were no animals that laid eggs like that. I decided that I had imagined the movement.

I headed back, since it was getting kind of late, and it should be about time for breakfast. I opened the door, and as I'd expected, everybody else was already awake.

"Hi Valerie, where were you?" Sarah greeted me.

"Outside, walking in the forest since you sleepyheads didn't want to wake up."

"I really don't understand how you can wake up so early."

"I don't understand how you can sleep so late." I countered. "Well, I'm going up to wash my hands because I'm starving."

I went up to the room and took out the stone. Leaving it on my bed to examine later, I went back downstairs for breakfast.

When I finished, I went back up to take a shower and get ready, because I wanted to figure out what the object was as soon as possible. I got ready in record time, and put on a burgundy shirt, jeans and UGG boots. I put my hair into a proper, and closed the door so nobody would come in. Other than the theories I already had, I could come up with nothing.

I was distracted, but a tapping noise made me snap back to reality. I looked at the object, and saw that small cracks were starting to form. I stared at it, mesmerized. After a few seconds, a piece fell off. So it was an egg after all. I got closer trying to see what was inside. A sapphire eye, the same color as the veins, was staring back at me.

Hi guys, I hope you enjoy the rewrite. I want to thank @jaycee-knight, @frjohnson and @Beautifully-mixed for the huge help with the feedback.


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