Magic Training

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Valerie's POV:
After the dragon's relevation that we had magic, and the promise to do what we could of training based on their dreams, I couldn't wait to start. I had my suspicions about it before, since almost everything about this partnership was so similar to the one of the Riders of Alagaësia, but until now, nothing had been confirmed. I felt that having water as my element was really a perfect match, and I could not be any happier about it. The day we were set to start, Raven and me rushed to the clearing after class, waking up the dragons, who were napping.

"Who dares disturb my sleep!" Roared Isaldrí, but I knew she was kidding. She was like Dumbledore in a way, they both could keep calm in any situation, and had a weird sense of humor.

"Quit bothering. We are here for the magic lesson, which you know we've been waiting for since you told us about it. If you don't get up now, you will suffer consequences, and I'm not kidding." I threatened.

Isaldrí and Amethyst were smart, so they did what I said.

"You know that we came to know of this in the form of dreams, so we decided that the best way to teach you, is for you to see our memories of the dreams. They may be slightly different, because you have different elements."
I blacked out, and woke up in what I assumed to be one of the classrooms for the Riders, back in the late Middle Ages, close to the Renaissance. I let myself sink into the vision, and watched carefully.

The memory finished, and I was back in the present.

"I can't wait to learn. From the memories, it looked so interesting." I commented.

"Yes, this discovery is really amazing."

"I had decided it to be a good idea to have everything we learned written down, so I had brought a notebook in which I would record everything. I started by writing down the rules of magic.

"Now what?" I asked. I was kind of impatient to learn a spell, and Figura, the spell for shaping water that I had seen in the memory, looked really cool.

"Well, you start practicing the spells you saw. There is a creek not far away, and you can practice there, Valerie."

"OK. Let's go."

We mounted our dragons, and not a minute after, we had arrived at our destination. I dismounted, and slowly walked towards it. I was nervous with anticipation, and trembling, even if it wasn't that cold for the time of the year. I took a deep breath, letting my lungs fill with air before letting it out.

"I can do this."

I cleared my mind, just like how I would to defend it, and focused on only one thing. A sphere of water. I extended my right hand towards the water.


I poured my concentration into the task at hand. I imagined the sphere, and lifted my hand. Opening my eyes again, I stared in amazement, because, before me there was a levitating sphere of water. I felt so proud of myself for doing it on my first try! I could also sense Isaldrí's pride flooding me too. After about a minute of holding it there, I dropped the sphere back into the water. I knelt down at the border, and swirled my fingers through the rushing creek. Instantly, I felt recharged, like I felt when I bonded with Isaldrí, except this time, I didn't pass out. Now to try the spell again.

Raven's POV:
I had been observing Valerie, and her first attempt to cast a water spell. I admit, I was really curious about the other types of magic, since I'd only witnessed Air Magic in the memory. After a few seconds, a sphere of water rose from the creek.


"Come on! Now it's your turn." Amethyst encouraged me.

"Ok, ok."

I remembered what Victoria had said. Focus on the air around you creating air pockets to lift the object. Closing my eyes, I viewed the memory one more time, and when I felt sure that I knew what to do perfectly, I visualized everything I had to do, to lift the small twig that was on the ground.


I opened my eyes, and like Valerie, I had also managed to preform the spell on my first try. I concentrated on moving it, and it glided over to where my friends were.

"Wow, Raven. Very good." Valerie congratulated me.

"You too."

I dropped the twig, and then said the incantation again, lifting it once more into the air. Valerie and me kept on practicing, until we had total mastery over the spells, mindful of how much energy we had used.

After the practice, I still felt the same excitement I had when actually preforming the spell. I could not stop moving, so I think it looked like I was ADHD, which most people, actually everyone except for Valerie, Anne, my cousin Olivia and my parents, was really weird to see me like this. If I'm honest, I think that they don't even understand why I'm friends with Valerie and Anne in the first place.

That night I had a dream. I recognized the place from the memory that Amethyst showed me for my lesson. I was again in the training grounds for the Air Riders. I relaxed and watched. Every night they introduced a new spell, and both Valerie and me kept getting better and better at magic.

We practiced every day, and I really loved learning about new spells. But my favorite thing by far, was learning how to store energy. I don't know why. I suppose most people think that a more 'wow' spell would be my favorite, but there is a reason Pottermore placed me in Ravenclaw. (No pun intended.) Anyways, each element had a specific gemstone where they could store energy. Water had aquamarine, Fire had obsidian, Air had quartz, and earth had aventurine. Some were harder to find than others, but with only one gemstone of your element, you could store a lot of energy, obviously placed there over an amount of time.

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