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The Dragon Riders by Trash_Queen_33
The Dragon Ridersby I AM TRASH
Every century years four guys from across the world are chosen of the ages of 16 and 20 to be dragon riders. They are chosen to rise above the darkness that will wreak h...
  • love
  • romance
  • rider
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Born to Fly by 97moonlight
Born to Flyby Moon_LiLy
It's not every day you find out that you are a rider of dragons. Especially if you had spent almost half of your life in an oppressive orphanage, doing chores, working l...
  • dragon
  • gryphon
  • fantasy
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Blood Rider (Riders of Alonia #1) by NumberFourTheNumber
Blood Rider (Riders of Alonia #1)by Snowatic
Alonia, a world divided into two kingdoms, those of elves, and those of humans, is a mysterious land, with many dangers. Among humans, some lucky individuals are born w...
  • high
  • fantasy
  • swordandsorcery
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Half A Heart (An Eragon Fanfiction) by shurtugxl
Half A Heart (An Eragon Fanfiction)by Shur'tugal
When a deformed dragon egg is rejected by it's mother, the Dragon Riders take it and hope it will hatch for a Rider. When it does, however, they could never have imagine...
  • cycle
  • inheritance
  • rider
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Dragon Rider by sassybeach123
Dragon Riderby sassybeach123
Every year in the town of leevret 4 boys are chosen to become dragon riders but what will happen when young sapphire Blossom is chosen. There has never been a girl drago...
  • saviour
  • love
  • friends
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School Of The Dragon Rider by goodygirl64
School Of The Dragon Riderby goodygirl64
Luna lives in a small town filled with magic. For the past 16 years she has grown up dreaming of becoming a dragon rider. Her father was once a dragon rider who was kill...
  • rider
  • magic
  • fantasy
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Rider Academy by kemikalcharge202
Rider Academyby kemikalcharge202
Rowen lives in a world where dragon riders are rare and respected. When the next Choosing Ceremony comes around to reveal the newest batch of dragon riders, she looks fo...
  • magic
  • adventure
  • dragonriders
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My number 1 ride by nini8303
My number 1 rideby Aniyah
" Baby we like Bonnie and Clyde and I will never leave your side" Miracle says as she kissed August " You my Number 1 rider" August said as he kissed...
  • wattysaward
  • generalfiction
  • neverleaving
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The Alpha Night Fury  by FeatheredDemon
The Alpha Night Fury by FeatheredDemon
After IceGlow loses her soulmate, NightShade, she is heartbroken. And when her queen dies IceGlow must lead the dragons to another island and become their new queen. Yea...
  • adventure
  • rider
  • quest
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♦Splatoon Manga Pictures♦ by -_MeanEmperor_-
♦Splatoon Manga Pictures♦by TRASH DUDE ~ EVIL AGENT 3
[SplatoonMangaPics] - Okay, no one of those Pictures are mine, rather shoutouts to them, who made them, which I found on Pinterest. I just want to share some funny or no...
  • characters
  • emperor
  • rider
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The Last Dragon Rider by anythingeeky
The Last Dragon Riderby Anythingeeky
*under editing* It's my secret My name is Scarlet Haven, and I am a dragon rider. I've hidden for almost all of my life knowing if I'm caught I'm dead. Dragon Riders we...
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • rider
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The Dragon Riders by Dyslogistic_Towel
The Dragon Ridersby S.J. Holland
Maryssa Livingsworth was a normal girl up until her 16th birthday, when they chose her to attend a prestigious private school called Werynn Academy. Upon arriving here s...
  • dragon
  • wattys2017
  • friends
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The Lucifuge Dragon by AZ24AJ
The Lucifuge Dragonby Alexander.Lisenby
What if someone had entered at the Three Faction peace summit? Someone who is from another world and now has come home? Someone will stop at nothing to being true peace...
  • lancer
  • dxd
  • highschooldxd
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The Dragon Rider by arielsummer21
The Dragon Riderby Ariel Summers
Percy gets betrayed by camp, not because of his brother. He had no brother. Percy Jackson was framed. Now the Gods seem to be losing control of something... This story i...
  • percy
  • demigod
  • dragon
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RWBY X  Ghost Rider Reader by BatmanDaBest3
RWBY X Ghost Rider Readerby BatmanDaBest3
Just read it
  • marvel
  • yang
  • rider
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Because of you, Rider | Z Nation•10K [1] by dootifulphan
Because of you, Rider | Z Nation• ♡
❝to hold on, you have to find something you're willing to die for❞ Rider - she always like the idea of being alone in the Apocalypse only because she has no one anymore...
  • operationbitemark
  • rider
  • znation
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Splatoon Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Splatoon Boyfriend Scenariosby PomPomPurinsu
❥Scenarios between you and your favorite Splatoon manga characters! Requests welcome! Characters inklude, Goggles, Rider, Aloha, Army, and Mask!
  • mask
  • scenarios
  • goggles
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After The End: Alex Rider FanFiction by AwsomeSauce007
After The End: Alex Rider Maggy2.0
[Book 1] *Highest Ranking #1 in Stabbing* Ever wonder what happens after Scorpia Rising? Alex Rider will never be the same again. Captured, tortured, then...
  • eventualelites
  • martial
  • angst
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A Dead Heart (GogglesXRider) Splatoon Fanfic by MiraiFuture9
A Dead Heart (GogglesXRider) MiraiFuture9
Hey, do you know that one clumsy, cheerful and dorky inkling that does idiotic things with his team, even during battles and yet, they some how win? Yeah, Goggles and hi...
  • rider
  • splatoon
  • splatoonyaoi
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The adventures of a servant in the DC Universe by Demon010
The adventures of a servant in Novizio 010
My quiet life was destroyed by Zelretch. Now I'm Mystic, the Guardian of San Francisco. I must use the power of Seven Class Cards to survive in this crazy world, invoke...
  • saber
  • fatezero
  • ốc
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