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Several weeks passed, and I had a problem

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Several weeks passed, and I had a problem. Isaldrí's saddle was getting small for her. That was the biggest one Chloe had, so I couldn't borrow another, and I couldn't buy one, because soon, I would have the same problem.

"What shall I do Isaldrí? I can't ride you without a saddle. I'd ruin my legs, and that would be even worse."

"Honestly, I don't know. I would hate not to be able to fly with you, but I would also feel horrible if you did and ruined your legs."

(Time skip)

"Hi Anne, Raven." I greeted them as I rode into the stable on Flicka after the trail ride. That's what I said. Raven was in the stable because we had invited her, so she could get to know our horses, and learn to ride. After hearing us talk so much about it, she had wanted to try too. I had gone to visit Isaldrí before, while Raven arrived from her judo class. At least we knew that with all the strength that one needed for that sport, that she would be able to stay in the saddle. I dismounted, and tied Flicka to a post so that I could help Raven.

"Ok, Chloe said that Raven could borrow Carnival for today. I'll tack up Aquata, you help Raven, and we'll meet back here in ten minutes."

"Ok. Come on."

I showed Raven where Carnival was stabled. He was a sweet horse, kind of lazy sometimes, and had a habit of stopping at the entrance to the arena, but the older students without a horse of their own were working on taking it away. I put on his haler, and led him to the crossties. I picked up the grooming kit, and started explaining what to do to Raven.

In no time at all, we were tacked up, and ready to go. Raven had borrowed some of my breeches for the day, and she was clearly super excited for what was coming. Chloe arrived, and gave Raven a lesson. She was actually a good rider, for her first time. While our friend had her lesson, we warmed up, and after that, Chloe set up some jumps. Raven watched from the side, as it was my turn to go over them.

"Ready girl?" I asked.

"Yes." Flicka had been able to talk for about a week now, but only with simple phrases.

"Let's do this."

She bounded forward, and I counted the strides in my mind. At just the right moment, she took off, soaring over the jump, and landing perfectly on the other side. After all our improvement, Chloe was giving us higher jumps, a little at a time. The course ended in a flash, and Raven and Anne cheered.

"That was so cool." Raven commented. "The feeling of soaring though the air must be wonderful."

"It is." I answered. It was cool when we jumped, but nothing could beat flying with Isaldrí; that was exhilarating.

From then on, Raven started to come more with us to the stables, and in return she had thought us some judo. My favorite move was the judo flip. It was the one that Annabeth always pulled on Percy, and I was super excited to learn it.
(Time skip)

A few weeks later, I was at the stable, untacking Flicka after visiting Isaldrí. After thinking about the saddle problem for a long time, I decided that I would use my winnings from the competition to custom order one, already with all the adjustments that I had made on the first one so that it would work for a dragon. If somebody I didn't know asked, I would say that it was for a movie.

"Hey Valerie." My friends greeted me.

I instantly got on edge, because this was exactly what happened last time that Anne asked me about the trail rides. If the worst came to happen, I suppose I could trust them. I knew that they wouldn't tell anybody, and could cover for me.

"We want to ask you a question." Raven  said, a little nervous.

"Shoot." I said confidently. I had to keep them from getting more suspicious.

"What is it that you do on all those trail rides?"

"You go every day, and we've also noticed that sometimes you get this dreamy look on your face, and don't answer when we talk to you for a while." Raven argued.

"Not to mention your incredible improvement with Flicka since fall break. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's been happening a lot faster than I thought possible, considering the amount of hours you train." Anne added.

Well, I suppose I had to tell them. It was a direct question about the matter, and also supported very convincingly.

"It's kind of a long story. The best way to explain is to show you. Tomorrow after class I'll take you."

"I heard that." Isaldrí said to me.

"I had no choice. Besides, I'm sure I can trust them. Remember what Raven said about dragons?"

"Yes I do. Well, if you trust them I will too."

I said goodbye to Flicka, and went back home.

I did my homework, but I was distracted because tomorrow I would be showing Raven and Anne Isaldrí. I was kind of fearful of how Anne would react. I knew Raven would take it well, considering how much she loved dragons, but even if Anne would keep the secret, she might freak out.


I was in the forest with Anne. She had finally figured out that something was wrong. We got to the clearing, I took off my right glove, revealing the mark on my palm. Anne looked at me questioningly, and I called Isaldrí. My partner of mind and soul landed with a thud. I looked at Anne. She had a fearful expression on her face.

"What is that?"

"Anne, this is Isaldrí, my partner of mind and soul."

"How aren't you scared? She could attack you at any moment."

"Do you really think she would attack me?" I asked, hurt. "We've been bonded since the moment she hatched."

"I'll keep your secret Valerie, but you can't expect me to really accept this."

I woke up in cold sweat. This was exactly what I feared the most.

Hi guys, so what do you think of the new developments? Do you agree or disagree with Valerie introducing Isaldrí to her friends? What do you think their reactions are going to be? Finally, a big thank you to MyYandere202 for the drawings of all the characters. See you soon,

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