A new start

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Valerie POV:

As the dragon got closer I realized it was white, but not the same white as Opal. This dragon's scales shimmered as if parts of them had been covered in glitter. The only thing I could tell about his Rider was that she was female, and had flowing, long black hair that reminded me of one of my favorite characters.

"Hi, my name is Erin and this is Star. I'm really excited to be here. At first I couldn't believe I was a Dragon Rider, but I've learnt to accept it."

"Hello Erin. I'm Valerie, my partner is Isaldrí. These are my fellow Riders and their partners. I'll let them introduce themselves."

They did, and afterwards Erin told us a little about herself while we had lunch. She said she was from California, but I would have never guessed that. She had straight black hair that reached mid back. Her light skin contrasted with the Californian stereotype. The only thing that seemed to fit with this were her blue eyes, but even they seemed a little weird because they were icy, and not the warm sea blue that was more common.

We gave her the tour of the Academy, and introduced her to everything that being a Rider meant. She was a Fire Rider, even if she didn't know about magic, meaning that she got her room on the third floor, close to Adele's. Once she was settled in, we started with some basic training.

When she arrived she hadn't used a saddle, but she would need one, so I led her to the tack room along with Star so we could find the right one for him.

"Why do I have to use a saddle? I was perfectly fine without one on the way here,"

"How do you think you are going to stay on if Star preforms complicated aerial maneuvers? Besides, you don't want your legs to start peeling because of his scales," I explained.

"Ok, ok," she said, but I could detect a little sarcasm in her tone.

We had just gotten back from school when the second of the new 'generation' of Riders arrived. The dragon landed soon after we did. I couldn't believe none of us had noticed them earlier. I had seriously thought it would have taken longer for them to arrive. The dragon was silver, and other than Isaldrí and Flojmi, the only one that had metallic colored scales. However, when the Rider dismounted, I couldn't believe my eyes.

"Zoë?" I said incredulously "Is that you?"

"Valerie!" She exclaimed, rushing forward and hugging me. I hugged her back. I never would have thought that my best friend before I moved to Canada would turn out to be a Rider, and much less that our reunion would be like this.

"I missed you. It's weird not having you there at school, or not hanging out on Fridays after school."

"I missed you too. Honestly, the things you mentioned have been the least weird of everything that has happened these last few months. But I agree that it wasn't easy to adjust at the beginning."

"Mind explaining what happened?" Eric questioned, an eyebrow raised.

"I will. Valerie and I were best friends back when she lived in Miami, and even though I knew that I would be seeing her when I received the letter with the formal invitation here, but she didn't, and was obviously surprised when I arrived. Anyway, I'm Zoë Shade, and this back here is Mercury," she explained.

Everyone introduced themselves, although Hans and Trixie had left straight from school to Italy, the home country the next Rider to arrive after Zoë. Just like we had done with Erin we gave Zoë a tour, and showed her to her room on the fifth floor, since she was an Air Rider. The two of us caught up that night at dinner, since we hadn't talked for a while. It was good toreconnect with my friend, and even though I had made a lot of new ones.

Two days later, Hans, Trixie and the new Rider were due to arrive. That afternoon we all went outside to the courtyard to welcome them. Soon enough we saw four dragons over the horizon. We had been expecting one new Rider, not two, so I was curious mas to why another Rider had arrived to them. One of the new dragons was an iridescent black, like reflecting off the light in many different ways like hummingbird feathers. The color of the scales made it look like there was a whole galaxy on them. On the other hand the second dragon had some more 'normal' colored scales, although they were still unique and contrasting. They were a light green tone, going to a burgundy color at the tips. Alongside them were the familiar light orange and pastel blue dragons that were Trixie's and Hans' partners.

They landed soon, and all four Riders dismounted. The iridescent black dragon's Rider pushed her short curly black hair behind her ear as she stepped forward to introduce herself. She wasn't very tall, and red glasses framed her face. She had a purple hoodie with the Panic! At the Disco logo on it. It seemed to fit her personality, even if I didn't know her well. The second Rider also had curly hair, but it was longer, and a lighter color. Her eyes were bright emerald green that shown with eagerness. She also had glasses, but they had a blue frame. She seemed somewhat the opposite to her companion.

"Hello. I'm Elisa Di Angelo, and this is my sister, Isabelle."

Elisa POV:

It had been an interesting week, although  that had been toned down because I had been worried about trying to contain Isabelle's excitement a little. Around a month ago we had found our respective dragons, Opichious and Dante. Not long after we received our invitation to the Academy, and three days ago Hans and Trixie had arrived to take us to The Academy, since our dragons were old enough to fly. Isabelle's excitement over being a Rider and everything that it meant was a little too much in my opinion, and she didn't realize that we just couldn't have normal lives anymore. On top of that, we wouldn't be able to see our parents very often, which was hard for me. However, when we landed and I saw the Academy in person and the other Riders welcoming us, I decided to try and enjoy what I could.

Isabelle POV:

Elisa was too worried. Being a Dragon Rider was an amazing opportunity! It didn't happen to just anyone, and we had been chosen. She had been to busy worrying about me and how this would change our lives to enjoy the wonderful opportunity it was, and I was worried about her. She should let go a little bit, and not be so stressed out about everything. I did notice however that she relaxed upon seeing the Academy. Hopefully it would stay like this, because I wanted both of us to be able to fully enjoy this new experience.

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