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Amethyst's POV: (surprised?)
I was worried about Raven. Through our bond, I could tell that something was wrong. The more time she spent with her friends, she got better, but something from her past had to be bothering her. Even before she learned to defend her mind, she had the memories so deeply buried in her mind, that I felt really bad to intrude. I would have to come up with a plan just in case anything happened, because I didn't want her to get hurt anymore in the emotional department.


I was standing in one of the late Riders'  schools, in the middle of a class. The teacher was about thirty years old but in physical appearance didn't look much older older than them, and they were mostly teens, ranging from thirteen to seventeen. I imagined that it was because they'd had their dragons the same amount of time.

"You have trained here for a couple of months, mostly on flying with your dragons, as well as communicating and defending with your mind. However, there is a very important part of your education that is missing, but it is extremely important that; one, you are responsible with this knowledge, and two, that this must remain only within the Elder Riders, which means that your classmates in this level, and those who are above you in levels of education."

The class remained quiet, waiting for the teacher to go on.

"before I tell you what this is, I want to ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why you have different marks?"

A girl, about seventeen years old, stood up. She wasn't very tall, had straight black hair, and stunning emerald eyes, that were somewhat slanted, making her very different from her peers.

"Yes, Miss Welden?"

"I have wondered, but I've noticed that even if we have different marks, there are only four types. For example, I have a sun, but my best friend, Erin, has a lightning symbol."

"Correct. There are four possible marks a Dragon Rider could potentially have. As Miss Welden said, two of them are sun and lightning, the other are star and moon. Each of these symbols represent an element. Earth, fire, water and air respectively. Why is this important? To explain that, we need to have a small history lesson. As you know, dragons are highly magical creatures, and some of this magic gets transferred to us when we bond with them."

The class gasped. However, the teacher didn't allow them to start commenting about the topic, and kept on with the explanation.

"Each of us has a soul element, which are the ones we already mentioned. According to the mark each of us have, our magic is centered around the respective element. For example my element is fire. I am impervious to flames, and have an extreme tolerance for heat. I can also control flames, and the strongest Fire Riders can sometimes even produce them. These are just some of the abilities that Fire Riders have. This may sound impressive, but there are conditions to it." He explained.
"The most important thing about magic, is that it costs us. Every time we preform a spell, we have less energy. If we use too much, we suffer magical exhaustion. This can lead to is being extremely tired, weak, and have lower body defenses, that can lead to sickness. However, there are ways to replenish energy, other than waiting for it to build back up on its own. For Fire and Water Riders, they need to come in contact with their element. For Air and Earth Riders, there are specific gemstones where they can store their energy. Water and Fire Riders have theirs, but it is a choice to use them, and they usually use the energy reserves in extreme cases, when they have no access to their element."
This raised a lot of questions within the students. How did you know how much energy you had left? How did you store energy in the gemstones?
"Please students, quiet down. All this will be learned in due time. Back to the matter at hand, from now on, you will be divided in groups by your element, but for the sake of general culture, you will learn about the others, even if you can't preform that type of magic yourself."

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